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Have you missed the registration for college? There are other options Added:14.3. 2011
Updated:16.1. 2013
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Have you missed the registration for college? There are other options

Have you missed the deadline for submission of applications, which was most of the schools last February, and now desperate, as I do? To think you can either find work or try to look where the door to studiachtivé candidates are still open.

For some fields 28th February does not

The deadline for applications was the most public schools capped midnight 28th February. Many faculty, however, has a predetermined later date, the last still accept applications ** in half, and sometimes at the end of March **. The current course of admission, some of them are able to estimate the amount of interest from candidates with a certain time, and the deadline be extended flexibly, sometimes even shortly before the deadline originally set. Even after the second round but not for filing an exception. So watch continuously updated information on the pages of individual schools and faculties, if by chance among the branches with extended hours of logging is not just yours.  

Continuously created and entirely new fields

With the increasing demand for higher education by the applicants and the professionally qualified workers by employers is increasing the number of fields **. ** ** You are also accredited several times a year **. For any latecomers can precisely those fields that arise in these months, represent another chance to sign up for one – and maybe even appear among them one that is quite unique in its conception, and yet for him to be even considered. Again, we recommend to continuously monitor the school website, where you can find the latest information on admission procedures.  

Private schools often accept applications in several rounds

Another way to give up the missed deadlines of higher learning, is looking for a mix of disciplines printed to private schools **. ** In fact the candidates may submit applications usually in a few rounds, beginning February and ending often in August and September's terms. For more information on Private Higher Education read for example „this“:…ly-vecny-boj or „this“: http://kurzy. / article / the-private-school-can-be-right solution? page = 52 article.

The solution may be even higher college

Another option may also be one of the colleges ** **. Among them are the deadlines for submission of applications to a wider spread between March to June and are often multi-round. More on the concept of higher vocational education have you read such as „here“:…ssi-odbornou?….  

Language == Online Dating

If you wanted to get on to college immediately after graduation, you can still zauvažovat, whether in the „meantime“, ie before the high school sign next year nezlepšit their language skills. The advantage is that if the ** ** one-year study pomaturitnímu you apply right after graduating high school student status will remain. Today, a menu of languages ​​taught in post-secondary learning occurs not only English but also has German, Spanish or French. It almost goes without saying is a combination of English (not only) with other languages ​​as a secondary. More on post-secondary education to read, inter alia, „here“:…tudiu-jazyku.   Year Zero == == Infrequently used alternative among those who missed or did not want to apply to any school are called. ** „Zero classes“:…nulty-rocnik **. They hold themselves to the colleges and universities, and commercial educational agencies. Offer foundation years (which may be found under the name of a preparation course or program in the context of lifelong learning) focuses primarily on the most popular fields of higher education. Their students to prepare for tests and later studies such as the legal, economic, medical and pharmaceutical faculties, except it is not a preparation for study at the faculties of philosophy, teaching, humanities, physical education, or at the Police Academy. Their prices usually vary in their intensity and the number of students. The foundation years are to report until September, possibly in the class filled to capacity. Disadvantage Studies preliminary year – regardless of its depth and scope week – is that the participants do not have student status. More on zero grade, you can read for example „this“:…nulty-rocnik?… or in „this“: http : / / / article /-preparatory courses-from-what-they-wait article.

Where to find current information

The latest information about new possibilities for applications to find sites such as notice boards and individual schools and faculties or their departments or institutes. Links to various private, state and public schools and their faculty can be found in our „Catalogue of High School: For information about the newly opened branches or extended filing deadlines also watch the "News“: or „News“: -News.

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