OU: Additional entrance exams to study Radiology Assistant Added:10.3. 2011
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OU: Additional entrance exams to study Radiology Assistant

Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava announces additional admissions for the field of Radiology Assistant to the bachelor program in a combined form of study.

** The requirements for entrance exams ** • a written test with a choice of answers in biology and physics to the extent of the secondary curriculum • the combined study of the health sector must demonstrate that the applicant is authorized to practice in that area (the registration), if empowered to do so in the study must receive practical instruction and practice in a range of full-time study and the scale, which determines the Decree No 39/2005 Coll.

** How to apply to study? ** By 30 April 2011 to complete and submit an electronic application form and pay the administrative fee is correct and specific symbol variable payments. The amount of fee payments and symbols can be generated by the application.

** Date of entrance test: 24th ** June 2011 (alternate date June 30, 2011 will be allowed only if properly excused absence).

Estimated maximum number of accepted applicants is 20

More information: http://www.osu.cz/fzs/ ": http://www.osu.cz/fzs/

Source: Press release, University of Ostrava

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