A record number of entries to the University of Palacky Added:11.3. 2011
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A record number of entries to the University of Palacky

„Palacky University“: http://www.upol.cz/…m-o-studium/ this year adopted the highest number of applications to study for his history. At 8 March 2011 for the total number of 34,874 applica­tions, while all the eight faculties of the university's most successful Faculty of Education, which have been adopted by nearly eleven thousand. Since last year so he improved by nearly three thousand entries for the first time in history surpassed Faculty of Arts. The imaginary third point is then placed Olomouc Faculty. Although the final figure will still change slightly, it is already clear that the University of Palacky in terms of the interests of applicants compared to last year better off.

„I believe that this is not the result of a successful presentation of the University, but also the excellent scientific results, employability of our graduates and of course a wide range of high quality courses that we offer to study,“ said Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Assoc. Vit Zouhar.

Top courses at Palacky University, however, remained unchanged from last year. The biggest concern is still on the field of law and jurisprudence, which has about 2,200 applicants this year, interest, with nearly two thousand entries followed by general medicine. Over one thousand candidates registered for this year Dentistry, behind which is a close second field of psychology, first time and it combined. The top ten most popular fields get more physiotherapy, Pedagogy, Public Administration, Law in Public Administration, Kindergarten Teacher and a combined form of journalism.

Source: Press Release

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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