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What to watch out for Czech language GCSE advises John Hamsters Added:23.3. 2011
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What to watch out for Czech language GCSE advises John Hamsters

State graduation is a big bugbear of all students. How to fight not to lose it and how to succeed especially in the Czech language teacher advises John hamster.

Jan Hamster (25) is currently studying the final year of graduate study at the Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University and currently in its fourth year, teaches Czech and English at secondary school in Brno.

** What would you think seniors should get most attention? **

I'd say the biggest danger remains the same – nervousness. And of course knowledge. If a student knows, what he should know, and does not collapse just before graduation or during it, he should not have a problem. I see a danger than the old final exams in two innovations: the didactic test and lack of time on the essay.

** How to deal with these dangers, how to prepare for them? **

Didactic test is a tricky matter. I would recommend drawing on graduation rehearsal (MAG), which took place in the autumn and the students attended. Another possible site is „www.novamatu­“: where available teaching practice tests. The principle is the same, so some kind of training that is. They suggest a very careful reading of the texts and to enter, just based on correct understanding can fill some of the tasks. Essay is a bit of nightmare – after four hours in recent years has significantly reduced time. But it should be too worried – the grammatical correctness and compliance with basic phenomena, which belong to the chosen stylistic staff should not be the smallest problem. Personally, I resent the fact that as reviewers we must take into account the originality. On the other hand, I understand that the text, one teacher is assessed as highly original, someone else can mark as junk and vice versa. Yet I feel that it contributes to a pursuit of mediocrity and šablonovitost. I therefore do not worry: there is no need to write a highly artistic text, it is necessary to prove that I know what is the difference between the description, narrations and essays.

  • When John does not just Hamster Czech, likes to travel around the world .*

** What do you think the complexity of the new diploma? Is anything more dangerous than the old one? **

The new GCSE is to abolish the differences. What has meant the words "my graduation? In my secondary school was somewhat vague concept, because inevitably have different levels such as vocational schools and high schools with graduation. Now is the difficulty of (logically) generally decreased, but the sets, rather, try to set the bar for all maturujícím well. It is clear that it is not possible will be guarded by an oral examination, can not be fully captured or written test – the only thing that is really all the same, it is a didactic test.

** What are your experiences of students according to most space? What is missing Czech high school? **

I do not know if it is possible to evaluate the overall somehow. Each of us is different – and every student is different. Perhaps we could reconsider the question, do not look only at students but the whole nation together and ask the professor. Lawn: Blogging? I would like to make people (not students) read in this hectic time, perhaps time will slow down with a book … When teachers now fetches maturantům stack of books in an hour, instead of questions like „Is it a good book?“ And „Why is this book good?“ Hear only one: „It's on the list?“ – That's a consequence of the new GCSE. On the one hand, I do not enjoy it too, on the other hand, it may be better if students read at least something.

** What would you advise students who are preoccupied with graduation, but at the same time should also prepare for entrance exams and other things and knows how to catch everything? **

It's not so long ago, I lived through all this. I would advise them, if possible, calm head and systematic. All have the discretion to plan and then the plan as soon as possible to comply. Perhaps this is so begins the fun.

** What is your personal opinion on the new high school diploma? **

I am all for the idea. But with the upcoming exams I've ever against a bureaucratic dinosaur that goes with it hand in hand. Teachers are there that have taught. But if you have a million other things that need to be filled, take, write, rewrite, learn přeučit to finish and develop, is less lead time and suffer from mainly students. I am glad that the new GCSE and finally made it possible to incorporate the errors that appear to perhaps a few years after graduation worked as it should work.

Photo source: John Hamsters

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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