One day, an undergraduate at Newton College Added:14.3. 2011
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One day, an undergraduate at Newton College

Brno University of Management and Business NEWTON College offers high school students the opportunity to experience what it is like to one day be a college student. A project called Newton Expedition 11 will take place throughout the spring semester, you can choose from twelve terms.

After school, you will have two high school students will also be catered refreshments. To subscribe, just send mail to there and give you a shipping date in which you have chosen.

Options are as follows:

EYE 1 = Monday's expe­dition, under the teaching of courses visit:

· Methods and procedures used in psychology · Strategic Management · Psychology · Science Establishment · Effective work with people · Macroeconomics · Foreign Language (English)

Dates: 28 Third, 11 4th, 25th 4, 9 5th 2011

PCO 2 = Tuesday expedition, in which you can attend training courses:

· Business Law and Taxes · Crisis Management The Management of Human Resources II. · Creativity and its Development The Management · Communication and self · Foreign language (English, German)

Dates: 29 3rd, 12th 4th, 26 4th, 10th 5th 2011

EYE 3 = Wednesday's ex­pedition, in which you can visit the teaching of subjects:

Provide a basis counseling psychology · ICT in management practice · Intercultural management · Politics · International Management and Globalization · Foreign Language (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian)

Dates: 23 3, 6 4th, 20th 4, fourth 5th 2011

More information is available "on site NEWTON College:…wton-college.

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