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Partnerships in education are key to improving the regional economy / Conference UNICREDS project, involving a USB EF Added:12.3. 2011
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Partnerships in education are key to improving the regional economy / Conference UNICREDS project, involving a USB EF

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Faculty of Economics, University of South Bohemia is involved in international project UNICREDS – Universities in Regional Development Collaboration Spaces. The project aims to show how cooperation between universities, industry and public sector to help transform marginal regions with low economic performance in regions of well-informed, who have the opportunity to achieve excellence in research and innovation.

UNICREDS first conference in 2011 held in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. The conference was also attended by delegates from the University of South Bohemia and Ladislav Eva Cudlín Rolínek. The event, which took place on 18 to 19 January, was to find ways in which partnerships between universities, academic institutions, local educational centers, and regional agencies can contribute to improving the economy in economically marginal or poor regions.

UNICREDS is a project with a budget of € 2 million, which is largely funded by the EU. It is also funded by each of the 15 partners from Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Great Britain. All regions associated with the project UNICREDS have similar characteristics in terms of distance from major cities, population and reliance on declining traditional industries. UNICREDS project partners together to share experience and specific knowledge of how they can be overcome problems associated with inefficient economy and how they can be marginalized or economically marginal regions changed in a major center for research and innovation. The project participants are in different stages of ways of solving the above problems. Eva Cudlín, who attended the conference in the South Bohemian University, said: „Universities are key players in developing regions. Given its role should be part of all major meetings, where decisions are made on the strategy of the region and its development activities. Only then will the objective of mutual cooperation between universities and public and corporate sectors. " Ladislav Rolínek University of South Bohemia on the topic of cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses said: "Small and medium-sized enterprises should be in close contact with the university to study the plan and the final qualification match students as possible to the requirements of practice and development of the region.“

Johan Stern, Director of the Technical University of Luleå, Sweden is a leading scholar who is engaged in partnerships between education and business. At the conference, talked about his own experiences with partnerships between universities, municipalities and business entities in the northern part of Sweden: „It is very useful that regions with similar problems and possibilities of co-operating to identify problems and find solutions that will promote regional development. Everyone We can learn a lot from each other and this conference is an important part of this process. certainly provide ample opportunities both for sharing experience and for discussion. “

One of the main speakers at the conference was Nicolas Wallet, project manager, project UNICREDS: „One of the key issues, which the university now faces is how to cope with their changing roles in society. Universities should be more involved in the region where it operates as the main bearers of scientific and technical knowledge, and contribute to real and new approaches to address specific, local problems. “

Universities can communications with local business organizations to develop such programs of study that students give them the requisite skills relevant to their future career. Universities come from qualified graduates, which will be in the labor market interest. Graduates will be able to give businesses the professional education, which positively affect economic growth in the longer term will lead to the creation of new jobs. It needs the involvement of regional authorities, which should encourage universities to regional development has become an attractive part of their educational offerings. This approach to the expansion of higher education can be implemented in conjunction with small and medium-sized enterprises.

UNICREDS challenges the prevailing traditional university model, and considering the potential benefits offered by collaboration between universities (so-called multi-university campus). Defines the resources to achieve a new type of students and develop cooperation between research centers. Swedish example shows that such partnerships are successful in gaining the critical mass of funding needed for research and innovation, and ultimately contribute to economic development in the region.

UNICREDS main objective is to understand the role that universities play in economic development in addition to its traditional role of focusing on education.

The project is based on the model of ‚triple helix‘, that is a partnership between universities, business and public sectors. Examines the current and new ways of working together, to help transfer knowledge and understanding of the new role of universities in economic development of underdeveloped regions. UNICREDS seeks to develop a transferable model for future education and regional development programs, which may be adopted by the European Commission.

Findings from the Sofia conference, research, and it should be available in June this year when the team presented a comprehensive report UNICREDS at a conference in Scotland. The report shall contain a description of the best examples of cooperation and policy advice. These results are part of the output of the other five conferences will be held during the three-year project.

UNICREDS is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and also co-financed by each of the 15 partners under the rules of the INTERREG IVC. For more information, visit

A video from the conference is available on YouTube:…

Partners UNICREDS 1st Cornwall Council, United Kingdom 2nd Joint Universities in Cornwall, United Kingdom 3rd Municipality Skellefteå, Sweden 4th Regional Council of Västerbotten, Sweden 5th Akademi Norra, Sweden 6th City of Seinäjoki, Finland 7th University Consortium of Seinäjoki / Tampere, Finland 8th Seinäjoki Technology Centre Ltd., Finland / en 9th University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice, Czech Republic 10th South Bohemian Regional Authority, Czech Republic, www.kraj 11th Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria 12th Sofia University, Bulgaria 13th Debrecenská University, Hungary 14th Regional Office Hadj Bihar, Hungary 15th Millennium Institute of the University of Highlands & Islands, United Kingdom

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