Masaryk University is the most popular university in the CR Added:16.3. 2011
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Masaryk University is the most popular university in the CR

Candidates this year over 62,000 entries submitted to Masaryk University. It is roughly 2,000 more than last year, a number that surpasses all previous records. Over 8,000 candidates submitted applications while in Slovakia. Masaryk University and confirmed that it is currently the most popular university in the Czech Republic.

"Nevertheless, the population curve is still decreasing, the number of applications to study at Masaryk University is constantly growing. The positive is the fact that it is a long-term trend continued for several years. This means that the university can not attract interest from candidates, but can also meet their expectations, "said the rector of Masaryk University, Petr Fiala.

The greatest interest has been traditionally the Arts faculty, with nearly 12,000 applica­tions. The following Faculty of Social Studies, which was filed almost 10,000 applica­tions. Compared with last year, the Faculty of the most better off. A comparable situation occurred this year at the University Palacky, to which the candidates this year also brought a record number of applications as well as at the Masaryk University in comparison with last year, most of the increased interest in teaching courses.

The total number of entries to Masaryk University is not yet final – until the end of April can be reported to the newly accredited fields with the readership in a foreign language – Russian language in the combined form a two-field Training studium teaching Russian language in conjunction with German or English in combination opět form. Opening the admission to master's and doctoral programs.

Source: Press Release

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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