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Do you like nature and you are not alien to work in the field? Are you eco foundation? Maybe you could take a field that seeks to link people's lives essential sectors of agricultural production with knowledge of the landscape and its preservation. You can find it under the name of Agroecology and offer him two Czech universities.

== What is agroecology

Already the very name field indicates that it will be some links agricultural disciplines, landscape conservation and ecology. If we want to be conceptually precise, it is specifically a "doctrine dealing with the relationships between agricultural plants and their external environment. The mission field is, however, despite the seemingly unambiguous definition a bit more complicated – in fact trying to balance farming, which is somewhat related to the devastating nature and ecology, which seeks to contrast the natural environment as much to maintain.


S students are learning, especially in the ways of management within sustainable development. In addition to organic and natural history courses, students encounter during their studies with courses in the economic, legal and technical, it all again especially in the context of landscape conservation, Environmental and Ecology.

== Graduates

Students are professionally trained to work in agriculture and services related to landscape management (with particular regard to the processes taking place within the constraints of organic farming methods). Graduates can work in a project such organizations, focusing on landscape and land use planning, comprehensive land consolidation and soil erosion control, revitalization of water systems, etc. They are used also as experts in the use and protection of natural resources in the agricultural landscape. Implement the same time as may be in the business sector (including in the field of organic agriculture, agro-tourism, environmental assessments, etc.) as well as the state administration and local – and often, so even the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Ministry for Regional Development, etc. Other frequent place of work not only graduates of bachelor's degree as the cadastral and land registry and cadastral surveying inspectorates, farms and AGRODRUZSTVO, municipal and regional authorities, public health offices, companies dealing with waste disposal, engineering and construction companies, etc. Graduates of master's studies are used mainly in the management and control functions of state administration bodies, regional bodies and institutions focused on conservation, consultancy and inspection activities in organic farming. Redeem may also be in the business sector in research, as teachers in vocational education and a number of other positions.

Where to study agroecology == == Agroecology is subject to frequent part of their focus of study in various faculties in various agricultural fields. In a separate study it in our printed, but only two faculties.

  • ** Accessible CZECH Bc **

== Faculty of Agriculture

Degree program: ** Agriculture ** Study: ** ** Agroecology (Bc, 3 years, P)

Faculty of Agriculture, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice based organization in this sector from the current high demand for specialization of agriculture printed by a master's degree program of Agricultural Engineering, and in particular on the sub-specialty use and protection of agricultural land, agrarian-political and economic trends in CR and EU . But also take into account the requirements of those institutions which are associated with this problem strongly bound (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, etc.).

== Exams

Students are admitted to the study without entrance exams, so only the results of secondary school.

** Web: ** „“:…oekologie-bc

Degree program: Farm ** Engineering ** Study: ** ** Agroecology (NMgr., 2 years, P)

In Agroecology master's program students are already prepared for the various policy and regulatory activities in the management of agricultural land, and again with regard to the management and sustainable management of natural resources. Graduates are able to evaluate the results of monitoring of agricultural landscapes and procedures to handle any technological process control and preventive and protective measures. The students can study the profile of two specializations: „landscape“ and „organic agriculture“. First graduates of that specialization will be professionally qualified to work primarily in management and organization of various non-productive agricultural activities in favor of conservation. Specialization „organic farming“ is more focused on sustainable and organic agriculture.

== Exams

Entrance exams are in the form of oral examinations in applied ecology and agricultural production bases.

Website: ":…roekologie-n

  • ** Mendel University in Brno **

== Faculty of Agriculture

Degree program: ** ** Agricultural Specialization Study: ** ** Agroecology (Bc, 3 years, P)

Agroecology Bachelor students are prepared for both practice and for further study of the same name master vypisovaného field at the same university (see below). Subject to compulsory aspect and a part of the state examination in undergraduate study Environmentalis­tika. The second profile subject for study and final state exam, students can choose from the following specializations: Small streams, Waste Management, Nature Conservation and Landscape Erosion and soil conservation.


The main criterion for admission to the study claiming the industry average results in previous studies at high school or college for the past 2.5 years.

** Web: ** „­“:…er/…; download = 36,739

Degree program: ** ** Agricultural Specialization Study: ** ** Agroecology (NMgr., 2 years, P)

Also, master's degree course in Agroecology printed by the Mendel University focuses primarily on eco-environmental problems in agricultural land use and farming in the countryside along the lines of sustainable development. Students in the study profile in three specializations: Landscape ecology, landscape engineering and water management, which also consists of three compulsory subjects of the final examination. The fourth course is elective compulsory and students can choose between the subject of Cleaner Production, Forestry and functions of forests and Redevelopment and reclamation.

== Exams

Applicants for the master's field study are recruited according to the following scale: 70% of the estimated number of students admitted is accepted without entrance examinations based on the results of previous undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Agronomy (FA) and the permeability studies (the decisive criterion is the average of the previous Bachelor's degree studies) . Students from other undergraduate courses (ie, outside the transmigration scheme, see ‚here‘:…m/bakalarske menu in the left column), students from other universities, students with an average of the previous Bachelor's degree (for AF) below the ceiling will be admitted to the graduate program as a result of the test subjects of the final examination prior bachelor's degree FA. Number of students admitted so the total expected number is 30%.

** Web: ** „­“:…er/…; download = 36,753

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