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University of Third Age: Courses Added:21.3. 2011
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University of Third Age: Courses

Increasingly, the elderly, the trend to spend the twilight years actively and meaningfully. Now the University of the Third Age is a great opportunity, both for symbolic prices and friendly team to complete the knowledge and confidence. This is certainly not a few would help education in the field of languages. What opportunities currently Czech universities offer?

We have prepared a list of language courses offered by the Czech Institute of lifelong education and the University of the Third Age. We attempted to deliver as far as the latest information and to add a comment on the price level and exchange rate. Now just sign!

Masaryk University === === When: Spring 2011 How much: CZK 700 (enrollment in the study) English: beginners, intermediate, conversation German: beginner, intermediate, conversation More information: U3A Muni ":

Palacky University (Faculty)

When: academic year 2011/2012 How much: 500, CZK (per semester) English: Intermediate (advanced course) German: Intermediate (advanced course) French: Beginner (new course) More information: U3A UPOL ":

Mendel University in Brno (Institute of Lifelong Learning)

When: Spring 2011 How much: around 600, – CZK English: Beginners (continuation course), intermediate (advanced course) More information: ILE Mendel ":

University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem

When: Spring 2011 How much: 900, – CZK English: Intermediate (Course IV.) Conversation German: Intermediate (Course IV). More information: U3A UJEP ":…ho-veku.html

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Academia Rerum Civilium (High School of Political and Social Science)

When: Spring 2011 How much: 750, CZK English: eternal beginner, intermediate French: Intermediate German: eternal beginner, intermediate, advanced More information: VŠPSV ":

Technical University (Faculty of Economics)

When: Spring 2011 How much: 200, – CZK (admission fee) + CZK 1,000 (extra charge for language) English: Beginners (I, II.) Intermediate, Intermediate (I, II.) Intermediate (I, II., III., IV.) German Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate (I, II). French: Beginner (I), intermediate (I) More information: „CDV TUL“:…rce/view.php?…

Silesian University in Opava

Educational Center in Krnov: How much: 500, – CZK English: Beginners, Intermediate

Silesian University in Opava: How much: 1000,–CZK English: 1 – 5 year German: 2 and 3 year More information: LLL SERVICES ":…02022011.pdf

The icing on the conclusion ** Czech sign language and deaf culture **, two-semester course (250, – CZK), which lists the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. What course has, you can find this web page: „CuNi“:

Home Schooling for the curious: „Association of Universities of the Third Age: "Third Age“:…retiho-veku/ E-senior „:… "Helpnet“:…tretiho-veku

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