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Two college fairs for Pardubice in one day Added:16.3. 2011
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Two college fairs for Pardubice in one day

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Where to work after high school and where to study abroad


** 10th Anniversary annual job fair with the contact's name in 2011 ** ** University of Pardubice prepare for graduate classes and all university students who are interested in the possibilities of their future professional activities **.

CONTACT Fair will be held on Wednesday, 16 ** March in the auditorium of the university campus in the ** ** Polabinách between 9:30 and 15:00 am .**

At one point, visitors have the opportunity to attend 2011 CONTACT individual meetings with representatives of 31 companies operating in various sectors of the economy. Students may ask for personal consultations, business requirements, compare the terms offered jobs, watch company presentations and attend a lecture on "common mistakes made during the selection process. For all visitors to the event is also ready catalog, which is a summary of basic information about the participating companies and could help students decide on their future career choice.

Ivan Vesely from the Information and Consulting Centre of the Faculty of Economics and Administration for the event organizer said:

  • CONTACT Fair brings several years of mutual benefit, and how future graduates, and interested companies. College students can get oriented, where and under what conditions they can begin their professional careers and businesses can find employees fresh, full of enthusiasm and ideas and also unloaded from the vices of others. "*
  • For more information CONTACT Fair 2011: *

Ivan ** Happy **

  • Information and Consultancy Centre at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice, phone 466 036 454, *

** Ing. Iva Ulbrick, PhD .**

  • Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, phone 466 037 514 **

2 / ** "ERASMUS DAY – STUDY ABROAD FAIR ** ** On Wednesday 16 March will also be held at the University of Pardubice FAIR INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY. HA in the lobby of the building of the Faculty of Chemical Technology in the university campus will offer students the information kiosks to learn about how to study abroad and gain an authentic experience of college students who have studied abroad .**

The purpose of the action, which builds on the successful tradition of similar information in the university days earlier of seven years, is to provide students with detailed information on broad learning opportunities and internships at foreign universities, following the conclusion of bilateral agreements within the framework of the European Union LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme) / Erasmus. During the event, Erasmus Day will also pioneered the study abroad program CEEPUS.

The event takes place between 9:00 and 15:00 in the lobby of the main building of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. John Balcarová the Centre for International Mobility, University of Pardubice for organizing the event ERASMUS DAY said:

  • Students who are already studying abroad under the Erasmus mobility program completed, information kiosks will be located in the lobby of the Faculty of Chemical Technology in person all day pass to their fellow-students the experience gained in the short, three to twelve-month stay at a foreign university. They exhibit the photographs of their study tours. Fair visitors can provide information about studying abroad and authentic experience and will be extra competition to decide on the most compelling photo, and preferably prepared by the Information Desk. "*

The European exchange program LLP / Erasmus and some of the 257 concluded bilateral agreements with 150 foreign universities studying in the summer semester this year at the university and its faculty for 76 foreign students who come from 12 European countries. Most foreign students studying in this traditional summer semester at the Faculty of Economics and Management (1 / 2).

They added a further 215 foreign students from 27 countries (Europe, Africa, Asia and Brazil), who study at faculties in the standard multi-accredited degree programs (bachelor, master or doctoral). The largest group of students from Slovakia – comprise half.

The partner universities abroad studying in the summer semester, students from 74 universities and 10 students complete a practical internship at an agreed foreign companies.

University of Pardubice in this way participates in the European mobility program since 1997 fourteen­th year.

  • For more information about studying abroad and foreign students to provide or UPa * ** Ing. John Balcarová **
  • Centre for International Mobility vampire

Phone 466 036 * 350th *

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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