The essay competition 2011 Added:20.3. 2011
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The essay competition 2011

MEPs announce the competition for the best essay on the topic: ** „The neighbors in the heart of Europe – we know really?“ ** It is designed for students of secondary schools and universities from Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to 26 years. At stake is a three-way win to Brussels and Strasbourg to visit the European Parliament and other European institutions.

Essays may be submitted in English, Czech, German and Slovak. They have a range of 1–3 pages. Sent by e-mail martin.kastler @ to 4 ** April 2011 **. Emails must contain the following information: name, address, age, school or college and study science.

Competition announced MEP Martin Kastler, Federal President of the Ackermann-Gemeinde Nürnberg , Jan Brezina, former governor of the Olomouc Region.

The order of competition determined porotasložená of ​​representatives of Czech and German institutions. Winners can present their work in the XX. Brno symposium „Dialogue in the heart of Europe“, held from 15 to 17 April 2011. Work will also be published in the German press.

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