Special of the field: Materials Engineering Added:11.4. 2011
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Special of the field: Materials Engineering

Study on the borderline between chemistry, physics, engineering and manufacturing technologies. Quite a universal discipline that has a future. Participation in the development of new materials that are needed in all spheres of human activity. Or simply a branch where they can get without the entrance. In all cases, this material engineering.

** What is it ** Materials Engineering

Materials engineering is a science dealing with the optimal use of materials, so as to achieve maximum usefulness to mankind. This is an interdisciplinary field, which is based not only on the aforementioned physics, chemistry and engineering disciplines, but also interested in the knowledge of medicine, economics or environmental sciences. Materials needed are simply everywhere. This is also connected to how many colleges and universities, this study is accredited. Intensity of study is relatively high, but this is offset by applying a good graduates.

** How to study Materials Engineering **

The possibilities in this case is very much. All the way from bachelor to doctor can go to Prague „CTU“: http://www.cvut.cz/cs, on the faculty of „building“: http://www.fsv.cvut.cz/index. php.cz and „machine“: http://www3.fs.cvut.cz/web/ full-time and, as is true of „BUT“: http://www.vutbr.cz/ in Brno, where you can choose from several disciplines „of the faculty building“: http://www.fce.vutbr.cz/ and „Faculty of Mechanical Engineering“: http://www.fme.vutbr.cz/. Five-year follow-up or a Master's degree and then a doctorate can be completed at the „University of West Bohemia in Pilsen: http://www.zcu.cz/ called Materials Engineering and Metallurgy engineering. Five-year Master's degree and a Bachelor of follow-up graduate study is offered on the "VSB-Technical University of Ostrava“: http://www.vsb.cz/cs/, but where is the name of the Materials Engineering program of study to specialize in the field such as non-ferrous metals, metal materials, technical materials, diagnostic materials, etc. The situation is similar to the „University of Chemical Technology“: http://www.vscht.cz/homepage in Prague, where you can study at a five-year Master's degree, either a general field of material engineering, or in the master study can focus on some specific branch of this discipline – the metal, inorganic non-metallic or polymer materials, or materials for electronics. And there can be up to the doctorate. MA program is accredited by the „Technical University in Liberec“: http://www.tul.cz/ (there is also a doctoral studies), to „University of Pardubice“: http://www.upce.cz/index. html and „Tomas Bata University in Zlín“: http://web.utb.cz/?… in these two cases it is necessary to study loans for.

** Entrance Exams **

If you choose this field, you have a decent chance that the entrance exams or do not have to. The CTU is ready to mathematics, BUT you can expect to test in mathematics and physics, but the test will be waived for example, if you were number one or number two from one of these subjects at secondary school leaving certificate, if you get above 60 percentile in mathematics sciotestů . VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, Technical University and University of Tomas Bata in Zlin to take advantage of the high school (or no choice, if the year on the field too few candidates). The University of West Bohemia also ensure the mark, especially in mathematics, you can get points as well as for your other activities related field and knowledge of foreign languages.

** Items **

Teaching is, of course, vary from school to school, but the base remains – at the beginning get a general education in mathematics and physics and then you learn to understand the composition and properties of different types of materials, processing and applications such as engineering, medicine, etc. You will also study the technology of individual substances, their diagnosis, evaluation, durability, however, avoided or insight into the ecology, management, organization and management of plants, the necessary software expertise, funding and often mandatory graduation English.

** Graduates **

A combination study of technical, managerial and economic disciplines can be quite tempting many employers. Graduates may find opportunities in a wide range of industrial enterprises, especially in their technical and production departments can work in management or in public administration, field testing and quality control, fault diagnostics, research, development and testing of new materials.

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