UWB, UT and OU: We can send applications in engineering fields Added:23.3. 2011
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UWB, UT and OU: We can send applications in engineering fields

„Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of West Bohemia“: http://www.fst.zcu.cz/pro-uchazece/ accepting applications for the bachelor courses until 8 April 2011. Report to the fields you can 'mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering: http://www.fst.zcu.cz/…studium-FST/, attendance or both combined. While mechanical engineering is rather general, in mechanical engineering during the bachelor degree of specialization you choose the specific engineering field. Subscribe to the study can be electronically at „http://eprih­laska.zcu.cz“: http://eprihlaska.zcu.cz.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers scholarships to students with excellent study results. Candidates who have all secondary schools in the second half and the average maturity to 1.5 degree, they may start to apply for faculty scholarship in the amount of CZK 10 000. Similarly, high scholarship can also be obtained if the same results in the first semester in college.

Until 31 March, you can report it to embark on the „Faculty of Mechanical Engineering BUT Brno“: http://www.fme.vutbr.cz/…m/uchazecum/?…, there is more choice of undergraduate engineering courses nearby machinery, if you choose to study mechanical engineering alone, you can choose from eighteen master's degree courses. You can sign up again „line.“ Https: / / www.vutbr.cz / eprihlaska / eprihlaska.phtml

„Faculty of Mechanical Engineering VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava“: http://www.fs.vsb.cz/ accepting applications even until the end of April, you can choose the undergraduate study of about twenty branches. Applications can be made „at this address“ https: / / prihlaska.sso­.vsb.cz / wps / portal / application form! Ut/p/c5/dY7Lc­oIwGEafhQfo5E-4tC4DhKsSaA1BNg5Ym2FAQ­6ul6tNXh003_b7lO­YuDanT_sZk61Zw7fW­wGVKHa2XoLl9FY­EIDMM4EkAY-ZmWAAQAmq1aDbu­yn9XW_7mirG_NcTdlfpmuP­kwp4zLVldxBu-tEVu9h9Bo3_ccUG­LKOOhIPJ8aNRQ5mOR­XT_Jy769nZg5OS­HR7_l3jVP4SiY­eya2ML9dL7opJB92u­Am9TdcET547ih­WEg-Sj_U8qBOo9Siy5LIB­BaMxd2Gcx8ZVlA­yiLFaxHhN0pmDv-MAsoifdijsW-hy5XxCxi1X7c! / Dl3 / d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh.

Source: websites of faculties

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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