Ministry of Education did not select a new logo Added:26.3. 2011
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Ministry of Education did not select a new logo

In February we are in „this article“:…douciho-loga inform the contest, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the new ** ** logo of your institution. Among the prizes was a new laptop. In the first round, held on 17th March 2011, but the expert commission did not agree to the withdrawal of any proposals.

According to the Ministry of negotiations lasted two hours. The jury selected 70 graphic designs that made the first round, but none in its purity is less than worthy of a professional institution of the ministerial team. However, the jury awarded the three proposals, the authors receive 3,000 CZK and suggestions to improve the logo.

The ministry decided to launch a second round of the competition. The logo, which now uses the ministry, was founded in 2004 and institutions will be considered obsolete.

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