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JU Academic Library has 20,000 registered users Added:24.3. 2011
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JU Academic Library has 20,000 registered users

Press news

Since January 2010, serves on the campus of the University of South Bohemia in the Four Courts newly constructed academic libraries Yu. Number of visitors who use the services of this new and modernly equipped university department in the past has rapidly increased. Interest in services is growing.

After more than a year after opening if it has been great interest the users of the public.

The numbers from last year shows that Yu was an academic library in a relatively short period of competence regularly attended and universally used part of the University of South Bohemia:

• Number of registered users: 19 748, including 437 members of the public • During the year, readers have come to the library a total of 126 107 times. Most in November – 26 169th Daily Record then fell 5th 11, which came within 12 hours of 2129 visitors. • The library added 11,150 new books • There is 698 journals • Readers can borrow during the year 97,717 documents, including the 5499 self-service device • More than 75 000 times used to extend the reader to book yourself on the Internet, with over 21,000 extended librarian • From other libraries in the CR and abroad procured for your readers AND 1930 documents On the contrary, there • 683 AK provided to other libraries in the CR and abroad • Number of visitors to our sites was 143,917 (in 2010) • Actively to your library account signed up 53,293 of them • Can be used to book 5011 book readers • Number of black and white copies were made 34,717 • Number of scanned pages to reach facilities in the AK 49627 • If held 39 lectures on working with information, which was attended by 869 students

Academic Library of the University of South Bohemia was established by merging the former library book collections of Education, Science, Social and Health Faculty of Agriculture, University of South Bohemia. Within this library is also active biological institutes of the ASCR Library of Austria. If it has been providing services to students and educators from all parts of South Bohemia, researchers at the institutes of the Czech Republic Budejovice and interested members of the public. To 1.1. 2010, a library of nearly 450,000 volumes.

The library collection is located on two floors. In the first book of fiction and social science disciplines, on the second floor of books on natural sciences, agriculture and medical sciences are also exposed to higher skill work and Austrian library. This fund is freely accessible, and less of the fund is deposited in the warehouse. Borrowings from stock are delivered to the user waits until 15.30, after this time are prepared for the next day. Users have almost 500 student places in several types of study rooms and wireless Internet throughout the building and.

Academic Library provides its services to all users on the basis of a valid smart card – a card or student employee JU JU. ASCR employees and interested members of the public library card issued. Lending Services is governed by the library regulations. Readers Academic Library of the public can be any after completing the application form, submit an identity card for inspection and pay 150, – CZK for the card reader. Fees for subsequent years are at 50 CZK per year.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8–20 hours / Saturday – 9–16 pm (after 17 pm each entry only with the USB card). March 23, 2011

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