Roman Dusek: more than 10 years of helping students choose the right study at university Added:25.3. 2011
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Roman Dusek: more than 10 years of helping students choose the right study at university

** Mgr. Roman Dusek (29) is the owner server. Because last year celebrated ten years since its founding and Mr. Dusek was at its inception, we asked him to make us closer as a student from a modest project evolved into the current professional web .**

** Server originated at the turn of 1999 and 2000. Under what circumstances this occurred, who founded it and why? ** Server we have established with Ondrej statue, when we studied at the Business Academy Opava ( My sister Margaret was then reported to the college and kept flipping through the newspaper, teachers, and I thought to do a site tentatively database of colleges. It was a very simple page with a list of schools and faculties. Andrew liked my idea, a project we worked out together more, added more information and also purchased a domain The money we had to borrow from her mom Ondrová. At that you purchase the domain name and web space quite expensive, especially for us, high school students.

** How did the transition from a mere database of schools to a news server? ** When in 2001, I began to study high school, I met several students of journalism. Soldátová Lucy, the first chief of the server for this project was fascinated, got more editors, and together greatly expanded creative content server.

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** What changed when you took over the site in 2007 as its owner? ** It was necessary to design a new look website, completely redo the site structure and editorial content, get rid of unnecessary advertising. We had to escape from the position of student website and begin to build the image of a prestigious site for students. Significantly, we targeted only to those interested in studying at universities and to make the server more directly to universities. A large shift occurred in the business model, and closer cooperation with universities.

** How do you keep the server in terms of attendance? ** According to statistics from Net Monitor for our monthly visit 23 000 real users, who see more than 300 000 pages. In January the number reached five hundred thousand, and generally have the following long-term upward trend. Most of our readers are students aged 15–24 years. Current information about events at universities, maturantům advice, interviews and other editorial articles from us, combined with sophisticated databases, fields of study makes up a unique space in the Czech site. Unlike similar sites are independent media. Our income is not dependent on selling courses, books or examinations. We are also a part of any educational institution. Our goal is to provide students with relevant information, to make the right choice when selecting their future studies.

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** How is the server working with universities? They have the opportunity to influence the editorial? As in this regard to ensure the independence of the server? ** All editorial articles published form our editorial staff, which consists of five editors. We try to balance the most informative content. As regards cooperation with universities and are currently working with more than 30 universities. The cooperation of the universities in particular by regularly updating information about the college, faculties, fields of study. High schools offer several ways students can present to our server, for example, banner ads and hyperlinks included in our newsletters (sent by e-mail to thousands of students in 1918). Now allows schools and publication of PR articles, but they are always properly identified and separated from editorial content.

** still develop further. What plans do you have with the website for the nearest future? ** We want greater insight on social networks, especially Facebook. Recently we have also created a summary of articles, which is called a college education. It has rather the character of the magazine, and introduces important topics to study at university. Similar „magazines“ We wanted to develop in the future, should be aimed at students, or working at the University of the Third Age. We also want to provide better support to universities for the promotion of its study courses and programs.

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