The Special Branch: Politogie - Latin American Studies Added:30.3. 2011
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The Special Branch: Politogie - Latin American Studies

Are you interested in Latin America? Want to learn Spanish or Portuguese language and use this in practice? Interested in politics? Do you already have a bachelor's degree? Then the note field that connects all of this.

==== Contents of studies

Faculty of Arts University of Hradec Kralove is the only place to political science with a focus on Latin American Studies study. The advantages are mainly young teachers who have personal experience of some countries in Latin America (LA), more intimate learning atmosphere and a relatively high chance of getting a foreign pathway. The disadvantage is then that you can study only in the master's program, but but the time and combined form.

And what are you waiting for articles? The compulsory subjects are taught such as political systems, LA, Principles of Development Studies, Geopolitics of selected regions, Conflict and Political History of LA and more. Among the core curriculum options to choose courses in Czech or English language relating to the economy, development assistance or need methodology.

Admissions ==== ==== Candidates with a few exceptions (bachelor degree in political science at UHK with good benefits), the rest subjected to oral and written test. The test examines the particular understanding of political science and general knowledge about LA, the oral is focused mainly on motivation to the field and an overview of what is happening in LA.

The test does not consist of languages, but is expected to at least intermediate knowledge of English, as most of the learning materials are in English or in Spanish. Admission is 25 students and 25 full-time study at.

Graduates ==== ==== This September will open only the third year of this industry, so graduates have relatively large potential for application in the labor market. Can apply their skills in the nonprofit sector, but also a number of companies or institutions to cooperate with Latin America, trade and communicate. It can be applied to travel agencies, in administration, international relations or the media as a specialist in this area.

View students in this field Zuzana acid:

"Latin America has taken me from the first traveler perspective. Even during the general political science bachelor's degree, I traveled Bolivia. It impressed me so much that I made the Latin American region became more interested and open a new master's program at the Faculty UHK, Politics – Latin American Studies, I was clear. I managed to combine my interests and expertise.

With knowledge acquired knowledge of Spanish and Latin American countries to have this opportunity this summer to go to Latin America for the third time – this time as a guide. In these activities I would like to continue into the future and also would like to continue with Latin American studies in the doctoral program, which also offers our department. "

More information about the field and admission procedures, see „here.“ Https: / / / Politics / tenderer /

Author: Veronica Matousova

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