COMPARISON OF COURSES: Mechanical Engineering Added:6.4. 2011
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Mechanical Engineering

Quite often talk about that too many students reported in the humanities and only a few have left the fields of real „hands on“ – for example on the technical disciplines. If you want to go study ‚Engineering Works‘, you maybe surprised by the number of options offered by Czech universities.

In the Czech Republic's five public high schools that offer Mechanical Engineering program. The word „program“ is important here – the program with this name because it may conceal a larger number of study subjects with a different name. If you then someone will say „is Strojárně“ may actually be studying the discipline called „Applied Mechanics“. It is important to keep in mind when searching for your field of study in the school catalog. Opportunities to study in this direction-oriented industries in our country is actually much, let them come close.

** University of West **

  • Options of study

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of West offers various ways to a degree: the Bachelor's degree, you can choose either to study Engineering or Mechanical Engineering discipline. While the Mechanical Engineering is a discipline focused more generally, Engineering focuses more on future profession – from the 3rd You choose the semester honors as specialized knowledge you can use either a master's degree or professional. At the undergraduate level, you can build a two-year Master's study, where you choose from eight fields, so you can focus on nuclear energy, materials engineering, or need to transport and medical technology. The UWB can be studied remotely and the combination of an engineering degree may continue in doctoral studies.

  • Exams *

The faculty are recruited on the basis of the benefits to middle school. Each candidate is awarded points for the results of secondary studies and GCSE results in mathematics. Added to this are the points for other activities, which are an indicator of interest in engineering and foreign language. Annually, the Faculty of Engineering received about seven hundred applicants.

** Czech Technical University **

  • Options of study

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Prague, you can choose from three undergraduate engineering programs. It Engineering, Theoretical basis of mechanical engineering and economics of production and engineering. The program offers courses Engineering Energy and Process Technology, Information and Automation Technology, Environmental technology and design supported by computer. Studying these courses last four years and graduated from this program after completing the fourth year of more oriented towards practice. The theoretical basis of mechanical engineering is bezoborový program that prepares the student to master studies and gaining knowledge of the subjects of general and theoretical. First three years of engineering and theoretical foundations of mechanical engineering are identical, so the fields can be relatively easy to change trains. Production program in engineering and economics is divided into theoretical basic studies „and practical“ sectoral study "and his listeners are especially deepen knowledge of materials and technologies. Building on the master's degree can be a two-year master's studio, which offers a program of Mechanical Engineering degree courses in thirteen or bezoborové Intelligent buildings and nuclear power facilities. It is interesting to study in English and French in the Master of Automotive Engineering. Features is the study of doctoral program in Mechanical Engineering, is studying the combined form.

  • Exams *

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering to take up the second half of April with no entrance exams.

Today, mechanical engineering students spend more time on rýsováním projects.

** University of Technology **

  • Options of study

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering ten other targeted industries (including, for example, Mathematical Engineering, Engineering Technology, or Professional Pilot). After completing undergraduate field of Mechanical Engineering, you can build a two-year Master's study, which specialize in one of the twenty study subjects. Related master's degree in Mathematical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems offers a winning two diplomas for students willing to study in English, German, French or Italian. It can report it to the other combinations of bachelor's and master's degree than the primary set (for example, may be after completion of Mechanical Engineering report on the field of air traffic, which was originally designed as an extension of the master's field of professional pilot), it is necessary to meet set rules for admission control. BUT, like the previous university, offers doctoral study and combined study.

  • Exams *

Entrance examinations will be waived if you have the benefit of leaving the number two in math or physics, if you have a good enough average grade, placing among the top 40% of the international comparative tests of mathematics and probably even if you have good results in academic Olympiads, or you received another technical university faculty. If neither condition is not fulfilled, await you test in mathematics and physics.

** Technical University of Liberec **

  • Options of study

Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in particular, offers, like the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, the three-year bachelor degree programs of study selection of Mechanical Engineering and Machinery. Mechanical engineering is not divided into disciplines and prepares students for master's studies, mechanical engineering is focused itself more and choose to practice here in the fields of materials and technologies, machinery and equipment and production systems. Study can also be combined. Related megisterské study offers a choice of six areas, most of which lasts three years. The doctoral studies, you can choose from programs of Mechanical Engineering, Machinery and Manufacturing Technology.

  • Exams *

Entrance exams are not held at TUL, determining the average in previous school studies.

** VSB – Technical University of Ostrava **

There are also great learning opportunities. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering VŠB-TU Ostrava offers bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering program, where you can choose from fifteen fields of study (the study subjects and also the various specializations) and in the aviation technology program, having under him three disciplines. In the master study program in the Mechanical Engineering degree, you can choose seven courses, which have again his other specialty, and you can go to the doctor.

It is interesting that the engineering study construction machinery and equipment can also be studied in Chomutov and Brod, traffic engineering and engineering technology, then in the resort Šumperk.

  • Exams *

Points to gain admission average is a secondary school leaving exam results, signs of mathematics and physics at a secondary school and at points of entrance exams in mathematics. This can be waived if you graduated in mathematics in threes, or you're among the best 40% of the NSZ in mathematics or between 30% at best general study of the NSZ assumptions. Without the entrance will take you to a school where, if you mean the whole of his secondary education better than 2.7.

Web sites of individual schools:

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