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Graduation: you can still catch Added:4.4. 2011
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Graduation: you can still catch

In some cases it seems that time flies faster than it used meaningfully news production. Předmaturitní period is exactly this case. Our grand plans for a thorough preparation are slip and some of them wake up in the morning with a strange feeling in my stomach. Good news: It can still catch a lot!

And the bad news: it will require effort, sacrifice and a little nerves. Then the blood sweat and maybe not. It depends on how much you have tried until now – on the strategy in different cases, you can read in the „old article“:…-do-maturity- what-is-still-da-catch? page = 9 We can now tell you what key points should be your progress in the coming weeks.

It's simple: LEARNING

I think we agreed that learning ** ** and homework will soon play a prim we reconcile with the fact that there is no universal guide. Each of us has its own procedures and tactics to a certain amount (perhaps not entirely new) facts settle in the head. Someone meets ** ** individual learning alone, in silence at home or in nature and the self-paced and requires a different motivation. Some are paid more to try ** ** group learning, a joint development issues of mutual explanation of different problems, just sharing předmaturitního stress. We advise to try both and then decide on suitable procedures. Ideally, but I know their strong points. After all, you had it all throughout high school. Similarly, different access to the curriculum material. If you have not started with the ** ** collection, you have really high time. The easiest way is to rely on the school curriculum ** **, old books, textbooks, and interpretations of the material. If you have time and inclination to other activities, should be enough. However, I strongly recommend a proactive approach ** **: find more information on the Internet, visit the library (the other time than now!), To link their knowledge, trying to understand the subject matter. This is in fact exactly what you will, after half a year like in college. You can search and look for a different course ** ** unawares, the astute classmates and successful graduates, the rate of absorption of the curriculum thus obtained is relatively low.

A good plan is always useful

It is said that the plan is good even when you do not keep well. His treatment will help is to see the situation realistically and take stock of their options. Try the following weeks, then evaluate as accurately as possible: Do not overreach, or you do not put too much relief. And above all: ** try to really keep the schedule **. The plan, which after two days goes into the drawer, so you too neděsil is a waste of time. In preparing themselves then themselves be rather strict. Remove all interference ** **: off the internet, the room recognized her younger siblings, if necessary, turn off the phone. Give yourself a limit, which adhere to and after mastering indulge ** ** reward: something to eat, favorite song, a conversation with a friend. Pause but should not last longer than 15 minutes. Try to each question to learn anything at all ** **, basic facts, which if you can link to what you already know. Do not teach the complicated definition, but rather lay explanations they understand. Feel free to mnemonics or consultation with peers and teachers. Every effort counts!

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