April's online job fair Added:30.3. 2011
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April's online job fair

In April, held its 11th year of the virtual job fair "Month of students and graduates in Jobs.cz.

Students and graduates can throughout April to discuss with representatives of the leading Czech and international employers and gain an overview of the current labor market situation. Discussions with the participating companies will be on-line, that is directly on the site Jobs.cz. Students will be able to upload directly to the site selected questions for employers, whose representative they will always be at exactly the specified date and time match.

New videos are virtual tours of participating companies, the graduates can look into the real working environment.

This year's 11th trade fair, will take part in less than thirty leading employers. They cover all major business sectors, the manufacturing sector through finance, information technology, telecommunications and the service.

Source: press release jobs.cz

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