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University of Pardubice uncover future DNA technology Added:30.3. 2011
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University of Pardubice uncover future DNA technology

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DNA as a bulk storage medium. This is not science fiction, but one of the topics which will be on Thursday 31 March, on the lecture given at the University of Pardubice, MD. Ing. Vitezslav Kříha, Ph.D.

The lecture, entitled ** ** DNA technology holds Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists – Pardubice branch, in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FES) and the Department of electrical engineering, electronics and safety equipment (KEEZ) Jan Perner Transport Faculty (DFJP). The lecture will be held on Thursday, 31 ** March in the auditorium in building B3 DFJP from 17 hours .**

The lecture will ** MD. Ing. Vitezslav Kříha, Ph.D. Faculty of Electrical Engineering ** given DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. The main function of the double helix, consisting of two chains, called nucleotides, the storage of genetic information. DNA has long been studied but not only in molecular biology and slowly spreads to other disciplines.

  • „After six decades reveal the structure of nucleic acids research brings new applications that have moved from the domain of molecular biology in the booming nanotechnology,“ * brings lecture topic Ing. Dusan Cermak, Ph. D., Department of electrical engineering, electronics and safety equipment DFJP and one of the organizers of this popular lecture.

Kříha in her lecture tries to bring the future of DNA technology. DNA is the carrier of information is a quality which has been proved already in nature. Therefore, the argument that DNA could be used in the future as a parallel computer, or at least as a memory device, is not only a fantastic vision that falls into the genre of science fiction, but seriously intended statement, which is based on research findings.

  • Further information and contacts: *
  • Ing. Dusan Cermak, Ph.D. *
  • Department of Electrical, electronics and safety equipment for transportation (KEEZ) *
  • Phone 466 036 387 *
  • E-mail dusan.cermak @ *
  • Ing. Valerie Wágnerová *
  • Chancellor – University of Pardubice spokesperson *
  • Phone 466 036 555 *
  • E-mail *

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