New specialization for students of history at the Faculty of Arts Added:1.4. 2011
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New specialization for students of history at the Faculty of Arts

Institute of History, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University offers new MA degree honors history. ** Focus will be on modern history and multicultural society **. * "We start from the premise that reducing the problem of coexistence of different cultures on issues of social and educational strategies and techniques, without the wider, mainly cultural and historical knowledge base, is one of the main obstacles to the successful introduction of multicultural education in schools and public life. There is, therefore, opens a wide space to study the history of the use and application of his methods, "said project leader * Thomas Dvorak. The project partner has become the Museum of Roma culture, which contributed to its overall concept, especially in areas related to its activities and thematic focus. The emergence of new specializations, then also help the 10 million derived from the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness.

New industry study of history at the Faculty of Arts includes a number of sub-cultural and historical fields, thus gaining a „multi-cultural dimension“. Another distinctive feature is its effort to internationalize the study, which represents a particular instruction in a foreign language as well as cooperation with foreign experts. They will speak both in the normal course of instruction, and in sub-discussion seminars. The fixed part of the study will, however, various forms of professional practice, or for example a three week trip abroad to address issues of honors.

Successful graduates of master's degree in addition may also obtain a certificate of completion of specialist studies supported by the European Union. Due to the broad concept of the field will then be able to be applied in education, the media sphere, counseling, public administration, various international organizations or research.

Source: Press Release MU

Author: Černá, Lucie

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