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Lightning coverage of the Miss Academia 2011 Added:1.4. 2011
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Lightning coverage of the Miss Academia 2011

How did the final race of the finest college student crowned Miss Academia? The jury was captivated the most brilliant beauty? We bring you a report directly from the site and as a bonus interview with the winner.

The podium girls coming in angelic white dress. Gradually the sense the face masks and represent the jury and audience. Multiple faces suggest that the decision will not be easy. Girls participating disciplines, which correspond to the moderators questions, pantomime or play. Gala evening following a cultural program, the dancers perform their art. Girls, meanwhile, get into others' clothes, this time sharply red. Moderator missing the humor for the evening ceremony, but eventually did decide it was time to transfer the winning crown. Sash labeled "Miss Academia 2011 finally falls on the shoulders of student Jan Amos Comenius University in Prague Kadlecová Pavlina, who carries the title of beauty in addition to the prizes. I Runner-up title after gaining Margaret Birch from Ostrava and II. Runner-up from the Nikola Vavřičková Rosic at Brno.

Interview with Miss Academia 2011 Pavlina Kadlecova

** You became Miss Academia 2011! How do you feel? ** I am happy and surprised! I feel suddenly free. ** What do you consider most of the evening? ** Demanding the whole evening, especially on the psyche. ** To the fashion and modeling continue to pay? ** So far I have attended Miss summer, where I won the title of Miss Congeniality, Miss and Miss East Bohemia Spindleruv Mlyn, where I occupied the first place. Miss Academia 2011 to be the greatest success. ** What do you want addressed in the future? ** I would like to work in television as a presenter or announcer reports. I do not exclude or work in Public Relations. I am interested because of the rhetoric, journalism, and I enjoy performing in front of people. ** What to say to readers server? ** Try also sign up for the competition. Do you have a chance to win because even if you do not believe at first. I myself was nervous before the competition and eventually everything went well.

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