Those interested in creating a logo for the Ministry of Education have a second chance Added:3.4. 2011
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Those interested in creating a logo for the Ministry of Education have a second chance

Even sent nine hundred competing proposals enough to make them the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) selected it to him for the next years represented in all his actions and promotional materials. The Ministry has therefore decided to change the conditions and the announcement of the second round. The proposal, the parties contest the newly opened less than a month, more than 29 ** April to 12.00 **.

The new rules of competition are taking part in leading educators and professionals in the field of graphic design. It remains a condition that the logo is the creator of the students, not for commercial companies. Recently, however, will not be a public call for proposals, but the direct addressing of six students of Czech universities engaged in graphic design. The current system is proved to be very difficult to assess because each logo was necessary to consider several aspects. * "I see a good idea to address the high schools that teach graphic design. Students from these schools are moving at a high level and often have the logo and manuals of practical experience, "explained the chairman of the jury * first round Otakar Karlas.

In addition to the jury, which this time will sit alongside representatives of the Ministry and as a personality. mal. Ales Najbrt Mgr. Filip Blazek, Doc. ac. mal. Otakar Karlas Robert V. Smith, Assoc. Mgr. A. Machek, or Doc. MA Arch Jan Nemecek, as well as the price for the winning author. He received for his work in the total reward of 400 crowns. The aforementioned amount includes the licensing royalties and complete delivery of logo design and brand image.

For more information, conditions of the second round and the requirements for technical and aesthetic appearance of the new logo are available for download on the ‚Show page‘:…hou-vyzvu-na- new-logo? highlightWords = logo.

Source: Ministry of Education press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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