The Czech foreign schools increased Added:4.4. 2011
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The Czech foreign schools increased

From 2001 to 2010, the number of foreigners studying at Czech public and private high schools in four times **. ** While in 2001 there were registered here about 8800, last year the school has recorded a 37 700th Most foreign students were enrolled in the economically-oriented schools (30.6%), which in the rankings followed by a technical school (16.5%), health (15%) and humanities (15.3%). This data is based on information from the Institute for Information on Education (IIE).

At present the Czech universities educate 396,300 students in total. Less than three quarters (ie about 283 500), student loans for them, of which 44% of students accounted for undergraduate programs, 15% for master's programs, 10% in the graduate programs and 3% for doctoral programs. Last year he graduated from the study were 87 900 students.

As for higher vocational schools, then those currently registered altogether 29,800 students, of whom 71.3% of them studying on the spot. Last year it successfully completed the 6400 students.

Source: IIE press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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