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Improve their use of trainee programs Added:13.4. 2011
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Improve their use of trainee programs

Looking for a job, but no practical experience in the field or on the contrary you have experience but want a more dynamic personal development? One way to start a career as a trainee programs.

What is the Trainee Program?

It is a form of long-term placement for graduates. Objective of this program is to bring new talent into the junior ranks. Unlike intershipu, traditional practice, or professional training do not work on a particular project or site. Trainee (participant trainee program) working in selected departments at several positions. Circulation of jobs you will learn various skills, familiar with the operation department as a whole and get coveted practice. Another advantage is that the trainee program is based on employee and employer. This means that you paid. Sign a contract for a fixed range of internships usually range from six months to a year of working experience. After the trainee program, the successful fulfillment of tasks assigned output can be integrated into normal working life as a full staff. What drives companies to list trainee programs? The primary goal of the company is to transform the selected talented educated man in his image. Fresh graduate is not customary strong work habits. The company he formed and easier by raising their expectations and needs. Provide it with all supporting documents and personal development by investing in the future knowledgeable expert. The plus bonus is the enrichment of young blood and innovative thinking.

Who is the trainee program for?

Most menus are designed for graduates of universities and secondary schools. Occasionally there are offers for final year students. For admission to the trainee program is an important factor in the time of graduation. It must not be longer than two years. The employer is interested in „pure“ people who are not burdened by previous work habits. Trainee programs are often printed, large international corporations, so it is necessary to control the communicative foreign languages, especially English or German. Other requirements can be attested to appoint an interest in profession, willingness to learn. Most programs designed for graduates in technical fields, followed by a demand for cost-educated people. Tenders will also find people with social science education, in particular, human resources, marketing or rights.

Tender ==== ==== The selection process takes place in several stages. It is based on the mission application, including CV and cover letter. The first round may seem trivial, but interesting to write a cover letter is an art that is not underestimated. Keep in mind that HR must deliver. The following is a telephone and a personal interview or test of knowledge. The selected candidates are invited to trial to-day assessment center. Participants are evaluated in specific situations that simulate real-life problems, decide to create a team and communicate with each other. This allows the participant to know from many angles, thereby creating a complex view. After the selection of candidates, usually followed by a final interview with the company's exe­cutives. The most talented receiving an offer to the trainee program.

==== Course Demo Program

As mentioned above, the trainee program is executed through several month stays. It is divided into blocks, where the trainee is incorporated into the various teams and participate in projects. Difficulty of the task has increasing trend. Results of work are closely monitored and constantly evaluated by the training sponsor, who is responsible for the professional development of trainees. Course participants can enhance their expertise through training and numerous excursions. This can only deepen their knowledge, but also communication and presentation skills. A great life experience may be foreign residency, which many companies offer the program. Sometimes a program can be completed processing of the final work on the assigned topic of expertise. Top-rated program, graduates receive a job offer from the company.

Where to search for ==== ==== Offer trainee programs is quite diverse, yet to find a suitable program requires its own invention. Offering you meet at job fairs aimed at college students. Currently, lists a number of major employers offer, just go to your website interesting companies. Another possibility is that you address yourself headhunter talent.

Benefits trainee programs ====: ====

  • Gain experience
  • Concluding contracts
  • Familiarity with the operation of the company
  • A sophisticated training system
  • The possibility of international assignments
  • Get contacts
  • Improvement in soft skills (communication, presentation skills)
  • Excursion to plants
  • Familiarization with the top management

Disadvantages trainee programs:

  • Rigorous supervision of your work
  • Pressure on continuous improvement
  • Participate only in the sub-tasks
  • Completion of the program does not automatically continue the company

Author: John Hruska Photo source: ADD

Author: Hruška, Jan

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