COMPARISON OF COURSES: Management of Culture (Master's courses) I. Added:8.4. 2011
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Management of Culture (Master's courses) I.

Do you want a bachelor's degree in arts management, but also want to „master“? Because it is in the Czech Republic to obtain a wide range of faculties, we have prepared for you to master the art of management education and culture, but two articles. First look at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, Janacek Academy of Economics and University of .************

Culture Management == ==

Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Musicology. Brno

** Course characteristics: ** Field is for those interested in full-time and part-time studies, and as its name suggests, applies in particular to those interested in the operation of cultural institutions, and practical solutions to problems in management culture. Students are engaged in law and economics of culture, theory, management and marketing, accounting, fundraising in the nonprofit sector, public relations and copyright. There are also articles with artistic interests such as art history and aesthetics.

** Graduates ** Graduates should be able to navigate in all areas related to culture, especially in their modifications in the Euro-American environment. After graduation, students can apply for the position of the organizer of cultural events, as well as the nature of controllers at various art events and positions in public and private sectors.

Entrance Exams ** ** As for the other master's programs, there is also a prerequisite for the successful completion of undergraduate program with a similar artistic-managerial profile. Applicants must pass the entrance examination, which addresses the questions of the current state of the art production and cultural issues of aid organizations. ** Chance of adoption: ** Numbers are aggregated for job seekers and part-time study. In the next school year, plans to adopt a total of 50 candidates.

  • Year 2010/2011 * Total registered: 531 Total received: 87

More information: „here“:…es/index.php?…

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Theatrical Management == ==

Of Music, Theatre Arts. Brno

** Course characteristics: Master Study ** again focused primarily on the management of the theater. This time is very focused on international cooperation, the status of theater in the world. Emphasis is placed on language skills that enable communication and cooperation with foreign partners. Moreover, it is also the study focused on the possibility of obtaining funding and contributions in the nonprofit sector, legal and economic aspects of the artistic-managerial work. Study is profiled in a theater, but also covers issues of cultural and general management. Students can study during try the theoretical knowledge to provide joint projects and the International Festival of Theatre Schools.

** Graduates ** The entire study is arranged so that the graduates would be able to raise a theater producer. They should understand the new management trends in strategic planning, marketing and PR. Furthermore, after graduation should be capable of knowing the complex provisioning environment (both nationally and internationally).

** Entrance Exams ** Applicants in this field should come from the ranks of those who completed bachelor's degree in a relevant field of study program „Dramatic Arts“ or in a related study. The application is also attached to the bachelor's thesis, a portfolio (with all important seminar and a semester of work and records of important art works from the field). Furthermore, en application still attached to the study design theme, with annotations master's thesis and master's graduate project. The test is two-form in the first round without the candidate will evaluate submitted materials, a second round is an interview.

** The chances of adoption: ** This is a fairly intimate time, so do not be fooled by small numbers. After the success in recent years has been more than halved.

  • Year 2009/2010 * Total registered: 15 Total received: 8
  • Year 2010/2011 * Total registered: 10 Total received: 7

More information: „here“:…nologie.html

Arts Management == ==

Economics, Faculty of Business. Prague

** Course characteristics: ** Follow-up Master's study is designed so that significantly extends knowledge gained in undergraduate study at the same university. It prepares the students to ensure that they can become senior managers in the cultural economy. The study should be strongly linked with the practice, which should be guaranteed for example, often involving people from the industry at the lectures and seminars, as well as organizing various special lectures and cooperation between the faculties of Economics.

** Graduates ** After graduation the graduates may apply for a job in the public sector (government, local government, the EU institutions, in public media), but also in the field of non-profit organizations, foundations and funds. Of course there is the possibility to position itself in the private sector, for example in the form of tax advice or any form of self-management of cultural organizations.

** Entrance Exams ** Tests for admission to study Arts Management consists of two tests, both are written in one day. This is a test of economic disciplines (management, marketing and business administration) and a test of the cultural (art history, cultural legislation, financing of art).

** The chances of adoption: ** Estimated number accepted for year 2011/2012 is 100 students.

More information: „here“:…-management/

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