COMPARISON OF COURSES: Management of Culture (Master's courses) II. Added:20.4. 2011
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Management of Culture (Master's courses) II.

Studying arts management offers a fascinating combination of economics and humanities. Because he can take on the Czech Republic, surprisingly many schools, we bring you the second part of the article on management magosterských relative fields of art and culture. This time we look into three branches at Academy.

Arts Management Arts Marketing &

DAMU Department. Prague

** Course characteristics: ** Although the study taught at the Theatre Academy of Performing Arts, not only focus on the theater, but also on cross-cultural genre projects. In general, affects all spectrums of the living arts (the performing arts). Students can study in the areas of marketing and PR, fundraising, project management, creative industries and cultural policy.

** Graduates ** After graduation, students should be able to create and implement cultural projects, conduct marketing surveys and strategies relating to these projects, communicating with the media and be able to analyze and compare the various instruments of regional and international cultural policies.

Entrance Exams ** ** The entrance exams for master's degree may apply either final year students of undergraduate studies at the Academy of Performing Arts Department (who receive only the second round of entrance exams), or students who have previously completed a bachelor's degree at the same place or in any related field in the country. These applicants must complete the full admission procedure, consisting of two rounds. In the first round, the candidates will participate in a test of management, marketing, history and theory of theater, law and economics. The second round consists of an oral examination in which the applicant presents his master's project and describe their motivation for learning.

** The chances of adoption: ** Department of Academy of Performing Arts, unfortunately does not say how many students were enrolled in various specializations (Arts & Arts Management Marketing, Economics, Law and the operation theater, Theatre producentství) – All of the above figures are therefore all three specializations together .

  • Year 2009/2010 * Total registered: 16 Total received: 8
  • Year 2010/2011 * Total registered: 19 Total received: 11

More information: „here“:…rtsmarketing.

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Economics, Law and the operation theater

DAMU Department. Prague

** Course characteristics: ** As the name suggests, the more artistic field of management studies at Academy focuses mainly on the functioning of the internal organization of theater activity. These include assessing the conduct of employees in the arts field, assessment of economic factors in the theater and so on. Students are taught by comparing the theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

** Graduates ** Graduates may find employment in most components of cultural files, but theater in particular. And not just in the file manager but also at the head of the management components, ie as head of economic department, administrative department, assistant chief producer etc..

Entrance Exams ** ** For the entrance examination for this study, the same rules as the entrance exams for master's degree in Arts Management & Marketing Arts at the same university (see above).

** The chances of admission: See above ** More information: „here“:…vani-divadla.

Theatre == == producentství

DAMU Department. Prague

** Course characteristics: ** Compared with the previous two fields is the Theatre producentství more creative field, which comes mainly from its focus. Students are encouraged to be able to keep the theater or other cultural institution of the traditional way (principal, director, etc.), or that they became executive producer. It provides all the independent and creative activities and uses this expertise and knowledge of all the theatrical professions. The whole project is a study carried out in studio form, this means that it is firmly linked to personalities of teachers and there is great emphasis on individual approach to learning.

** Graduates ** Future graduates may apply Theatre producentství found as top managers of arts groups, theaters and festivals. They can of course apply for a job producer theater companies, orchestras, art, etc..

** Entrance Exams ** Again, paying very similar conditions as the Master's degree Arts Management & Marketing Arts and field economics, law and operating theaters (see above).

** The chances of admission: See above **

More information: „here“:…roducentstvi.

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