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Student account: which is best for you? Added:15.8. 2013
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Student account: which is best for you?

The transition from high school to college brings many new responsibilities and experience. We often hear about „building on its own feet“ and they think that "try to make ends meet myself! With this task we can help. Consult our list of student accounts and learn what to watch out for.

6 points, which you should pay attention

Perhaps you feel that you have one, for which account you choose. But if the least bit interested in what happens to your precious finances will happen, please take a moment and ask about the basic parameters promised favorable accounts. What should you be especially interested?

** 1 ** Fees: How much will become a monthly account maintenance? What is the charge on the account? I will pay for outgoing and incoming payments, ATM withdrawals or credit card payment? ** 2nd Overdraft: ** In brief, the overdraft facility to draw money and when you have no account, popularly called „overdraft.“ You create the debt at the bank from which you pay extra interest if it delayed with repaying on time. This option is often offered to students, well then you think, if you want to go into something like that. ** 3rd Internet Banking: ** Very comfortable and desirable way to operate your account. Bank charge for this service? The service is available everywhere, or you must install a special computer program? They will teach you in the bank with the application properly handled? ** 4th Logs: ** By default, the account statements sent each month by mail or electronically. It is a very practical matter that gives you an overview of their útratách and income. Optejte what type of transmission is imposed on the bank statement. ** 5 Credit Card: ** How much do you cost a month? Maybe you will be offered to the card and travel insurance. Are you sure you use it, it makes sense to pay? What insurance cover? ** 6 Extras: ** Most banks offer student accounts to various bonuses. It may be a hundred crowns a month, or to draw extra points for different gifts. Usually it is necessary to comply with certain conditions, such as the limit to meet the payment card. Consider the conditions you are able to keep, and what a bonus, then you really pay off.

What, where and for how much

You have made an idea about your student account will be released in the current higher costs, we have prepared an overview of the account offered by four banks. The calculation is prepared according to the „ideal student“ who does not have an overdraft and a month:

  1. one incoming payment (eg parental contribution)
  2. five outgoing payments (college, insurance, savings, etc.)
  3. an ordinary credit card (with your choice of 3 plus 6 bank payments in shops or on the Internet)

What is HDTV?

Commercial Bank: package G2.2 + MojeBanka

„More information“:…y/g2-2.shtml

  • Account management and internet banking for free
  • Incoming Payment: Free
  • Outgoing payments: 19, – CZK (pack at 50% free to e-payments. And Mobile Banking)
  • Pay by credit card: Free
  • Listings: 4, – CZK (electronic)
  • Cards: 200, – CZK per year (17, – CZK per month)

** Total: –36 CZK per month **

  • Bonuses: +333, – CZK in September for anyone at least once a month throughout the year paid card at an ATM mobile top up files or sending money via internet banking MojeBanka

CSOB: Student Account Plus + InternetBanking 24

„More information“:…to-Plus.aspx

  • Account management and internet banking for free
  • Incoming Payment: Free
  • Outgoing payments: Free
  • Pay by credit card: Free
  • Listings: free (electronic)
  • Cards: 45, – CZK (price for the owner of the account, ie. Students have it free)

** Total: 0 CZK per month **

Czech Savings Bank: A Personal Account MS Student

„More information“:…tu-d00013124

  • Account management and internet banking for free
  • Incoming payments: 5, – CZK (incoming payment), 5, – CZK (book entry)
  • Outgoing payments: 5, – CZK (book entry)
  • Pay by credit card: Free (standard package)

** Total: –35 CZK per month **

  • Bonuses: a contribution to the ISIC card 200 CZK per year

Raiffeisenbank – Student Account

„More information“:…statni-ucty/

  • Account Maintenance: 30, – CZK
  • Incoming Payment: Free
  • Outgoing payments: 6, – CZK (per item in the accounts)
  • Pay by credit card: 9,90 –
  • Cards: 25, – CZK

** Total: –64.90 CZK per month **

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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