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I did not submit an application, I changed my mind - what now? Added:18.4. 2011
Updated:16.1. 2013
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I did not submit an application, I changed my mind - what now?

It happens that for various reasons, one fails to submit an application on your unsuspecting field at the last minute change their mind and decides he wants his life to go in another direction, or fail the entrance exams. In any case, there is no need to despair, there are many ways to resolve the situation.

Application deadline for most state universities have already passed in February or March. If you already know that this year to reach your chosen field, you find that you actually want to study something else, or you're not yet sure how to plan your future, you can choose from many options. Let's bring some of them.

** Temporary employment or temporary **

This procedure is simple and it brings with it both advantages and disadvantages. Only downside is that you come to student status, but also that after a long working experience with many already neodhodlají to return to study. If you get used to a higher standard of living, and if you stop training your brain to return to learning can be difficult for you and it is possible to lose the motivation to spend time in lecture halls. Unless of course the rule – even after several years of working with some choose to complete their education in their personal and professional growth. The advantage of the newly acquired independence, at least part of the financial security, the opportunity to save up for their future business, travel and study abroad, but also an opportunity to gain experience for their future employment, meet new people and movements, and later the brigade should continue to study. On Google you will find a huge number of websites that can help you find a job or voluntary work. Below are just a few of them:

** Additional admissions and second rounds **

Many state universities hold second round of entrance exams and additional admissions. Typically, especially in smaller schools, for which there is so much interest, but also the most popular universities such as University and Masaryk University, offered this option. Whether it is just listed in your school and within your industry you need to check the university web pages. The newly announced additional admission procedures kept informed in the „News“:

** ** Language Schools

Languages ​​are today more and more necessary, so the language school of choice for many unsuccessful applicants. It has the advantage that you retain student status with all its benefits, teaching is not too much, and you can also prosecute the brigade, and if you want to try again to report on high school nevypadáváte from the learning process and spending a year without a doubt something useful. Another advantage is the ability to acquire language at the end of the certificate, which can together with the knowledge of language greatly increase your competitiveness. Prices for language courses are different, either you pay per hour (about 100 CZK and more), or for the whole year, when the price ranges from about twenty to thirty thousand.

** Post-secondary studies outside the language school **

Go for post-secondary studies do not only language school, for example with the company tutor can thus be studied law, psychology, medicine and other fields, which can also be combined with the language. Price starts at year seven thousand and go up to less than thirty thousand. Where the entrance exams required qualification test or interview, then this year's experience you can capitalize on.

** Private Schools **

The Czech Republic is currently under the Ministry of Education information, „45 private universities.“: Http://www.msmt­.cz/vzdelavani/preh­led-verejnych-soukromych-skol most of them in Prague and Brno, but there are also smaller towns as Kladno, Kolín, Přerov Třebíč Mlada Boleslav. The vast majority of them focused on economic and business disciplines to study here, but you can also healthcare, logistics, international relations, film school in Pisek, social studies or literature and writing. They have all the benefits of state colleges, such as student status and the possibility of obtaining a full degree, and in some cases, studies on them easier than studying the classic State University. Some private schools offer education in English. The disadvantage is the perceived prestige and lower tuition fees, which range from 15 000 – 60 000 CZK per semester, tuition is usually around 30 000 CZK. Some private schools offer a possibility to pay in installments or to obtain grants and scholarships.

** Abroad trip **

Abroad you can go even if you do not have excess funding, or if you want to earn some money. If you are attracted an au pair, enter the password into a Google search. You might take a page „“: or „“: Http://­ very interesting job and assistance around the world (but usually for room and board) go to „www.workaway­.info“: where to browse the menus need to register. As a volunteer you can go to the world via your „www.voluntee­“: Http://www.vo­lunteerabroad­.com Many countries offer visa under the Work & Travel, the places you can find yourself, whether in America or even in New Zealand, or concern about job hunting for a fee, you can entrust intermediary companies, such as „Student Agency“:…yty/USA/Work- and-travel /. If you can speak English well, you can learn English, you will be welcomed in China and other Asian countries. If you are attracted to travel and want to save, will be useful to organizations ‚CouchSurfing‘: that allows you to contact people from almost any city and ask for free accommodation, a joint company in the evening or when learning a foreign country.

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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