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The university will be the regional round of Biology Olympiad Added:7.4. 2011
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The university will be the regional round of Biology Olympiad

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The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University in Brno (LDF Mendel) will be the 45th annual regional round Biology Olympiad for high school, which is divided into two categories.

Competition in category A (students leaving and předmaturitních year), 8th place April 2011 from 8.30 am to 14 pm and competition in Category B (students 1 and 2 years of secondary school, or 5th and 6th grades of grammar schools) will be the 15th April from 8.30 am to 14 am in the LDF on the street Mendel Agriculture 3, Brno – Černá Pole.

Students will compete in several disciplines, through awareness of nature, to specialized tasks in the laboratory. Prizes for the winners and the best solvers provide Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Christening Mendel University in Brno (TFE Christening Mendel), publishing the work of Forestry and LDF Mandel, who provided the prices produced in its own workshops.

The event was organized by the LDF Mendel and County Commission for Biological Olympics.

The LDF Mendel Ing. George Libus jiri.libus @ Tel.: 545134190

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