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VSB - Technical University will sell its expertise to China Added:7.4. 2011
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VSB - Technical University will sell its expertise to China

Press news

March 29 2011 was held in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province in China, a major event. This day was attended by Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr. Libor Seeders and representatives of the Government of Yunnan Province signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Land and Resource Yunnan Vocational College and our VSB – Technical University of Ostrava.

The aim of this cooperation is to provide education of teachers and students on the Chinese side in mining, extraction of raw materials, geology and security. This is an extraordinary step that the Czech Republic managed to sell this knowledge and experience with us in these specialized fields planted nearly 300 years and the concept of knowledge-based economy thus becomes very real and concrete form.

Another point this started cooperation with the Chinese side will prepare a project whose contents will transfer knowledge from our university through the preparation of curricula, teacher training and preparation and, ultimately, of teaching students from China in Ostrava. An integral part of the project will include collaboration in applied research, which certainly opens up a much broader array of networking not only on campus but also in terms of industrial enterprises of both countries are in the area of ​​mineral resources industry established. Based on past discussions and no negotiations will also further develop the possibilities of cooperation with the Kunming University of Science and Technology and other scientific disciplines, which are grown in our universities and their potential for excellence.

Delegation to China was made rector prof. Ivo Vondrák, Dean of the Faculty of Mining and Geology Professor. Vladimírem Plums, Jaromir profesorem Pištora téže dean of the faculty and at the same time director of Center for nanotechnology in one person and Mr. Minarik Pavlem from the Office of Government of the Czech Republic, which became not only the setting of the idea of ​​such cooperation, but all the way to organize and create conditions for the success of the mission to China. This was all very specific, successful and had a high prestige, which is appreciated by both sides, which signed the MoU.

Mgr. Tana Kantorková External Relations Manager Phone: 597 323 700 e.mail: @ tana.kantorko­va

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