New Study Financial Risk Management: application to mid-May Added:12.4. 2011
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New Study Financial Risk Management: application to mid-May

The „Faculty of Economics and Administration, University“: a new was accredited bachelor degree course called Management of financial risks. This study is based on the mathematical disciplines, and its graduates can be applied in the financial sector such as banks, insurance companies and investment companies, ie in positions generally good remuneration.

Entries for this field can be submitted until 15 5th 2011, accepted without entrance examinations based on the average marks in the annual report of the penultimate year of secondary education (in most cases, the third year). Certified copy of the certificate is also needed to deliver by mid-May. Accepted applicants will be 60 – if not filled to capacity, management of the faculty may establish additional admissions.

The content of study of the economic and management disciplines, mathematics, probability theory, statistics, stochastic processes and financial mathematics. Graduates also gain the knowledge of system engineering and computer science from the basics of programming, as well as the ability to use computer technology and professional mathematical and statistical software.

For more information, and to submit an electronic application form can be found „on the website of the University of Pardubice.“: Http://www.up­­dium/bakalarske-studium/dulezi­te_informace/pod­minky-mfr.html

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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