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Bohemia defame "the only way in hockey," says the current king Majáles Peter Topor Added:22.4. 2011
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Bohemia defame "the only way in hockey," says the current king Majáles Peter Topor

It's not too often that King Rag Day was from Slovakia. Twenty-three Peter King aka Topor Toporini I did it. What brought him to the Czech Republic, as it was here as a native Slovaks studying and what he gave his reign? Even after we asked him in a brief interview.

  • Peter Topor is a student of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Finance and Business Valuation. This year's 4th year. If you ask for his tastes, you will find that apart from the fact that last year he was bestowed the royal crown majálesová, it is quite normal kid – he enjoys fitness, swimming, cars and even said the school .*

** What prompted you to go to Prague for a study? **

It was a particular level of education at the University of Prague and the city itself.

** How did the University, or its level learned? **

The University I learned from one of my friend who graduated from Faculty of Finance and the team gave me the impetus to it, so I went to study at the University. Furthermore, as I have already told me awfully tempted to get to know the actual city of Prague. In my opinion, this city offers excellent opportunities for students than the student, working and entertaining area.

** How quickly you got familiar with the new environment? And it's something that makes you the Czech higher system still surprised or surprised? **

Surprised me nothing extra. It is similar to the higher education system in our country as the Slovak Republic.

** How difficult for you to get used to the fact that the substance is often difficult to lectures being taught in Czech? **

The Czech language I did not have a problem. Experience with Czech I entered into watching movies and Czech dubbing, and later reading the various portals with the Czech language. Since I had interfered with the Czech language, so I do not made trouble for anything. Slovak debates, because I think it is a little ridiculous when I try to „speak“ Czech. But when I have to, so I try to speak Czech.

** While in our approach to Slovak students governing bilateral agreement, which the Slovaks against other foreigners provides some relief, you ever met with the need to pass an exam or complete a task only in Czech? **

These contracts provide for us, that we use and slovenščina. Most professors in the team does not have a problem at all. And so I had to write a few works in Czech, but the finals I composed in my own language.

** Currently in the Czech Republic has more than twenty five thousand Slovaks. You move yourself more between them, or for you or your nationality plays no role? **

Yes, move the majority of the Slovákoch, but I also many comrades from Bohemia. The team that we are quite close to the earth, so I do not think they are up to the big differences between us.

** Sometimes Bohemia or defame something you do in life in the Czech Republic seems meaningless? **

So the only hockey * (laughs) *.

** In recent years, there appear here and debate about the number of Slovak students in our country are increasing. Can you think why is that? **

In my opinion, this is especially good for high school level in tourism and their access to students. The level of economic universities in my opinion is rather low in Slovak, which to me is also a bit sorry. In our earlier predominates producing a large number of students than producing quality students.

** What are the obligations associated with your function during Rag Day King linked? **

There are no obligations, rather it is voluntary. But I tried to assist students in organizing various student parties and educational actions.

** What can you your „reign“ could – or even come from? **

It gave me maybe a little popularity and gain new contacts from social life and study. But in my opinion, I still remained an ordinary student, although I won.

** Shalt cause your title like more? **

This is a tribute to only one year, so it's further obligation to sell the title. I hope that the title of king Majáles defend, Economics.

** You are going to go back after graduation to Slovakia, or want to settle in the Czech Republic? **

It still can not tell where I end up. Do not have a clear direction of where I will.

Photo: archive Peter Topor

Author: Černá, Lucie

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