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Seasoned advises students: how to learn at the last minute? Added:9.5. 2011
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Seasoned advises students: how to learn at the last minute?

That it is best to keep everything again and make good notes everyone knows. But everybody also knows that sometimes they simply nejvyjde – then how the learning at the last minute clash with honor? Addressing the students shared with us a truly remarkable technology.

  • Helps me in learning such definitions paint a picture – what the word is a symbol. Looking at the number of symbols in the definition of trying to say and then do the same heart, in which the number of the symbols take photograph. Then there is also good with teaching materials to work somehow – to form links to maps, prepare your questions, make your own notes from books … So not only read the notes and try to remember them.

** Martin Maier, Charles University in Prague – Faculty of Education, Department of Psychology and Special Education, 3 Vol .**

  • The worst thing is to stay home all day. I go out so much and trips – then I have to learn a lot in a short time and the easier I force.

** Mary Novak, Film Academy of Performing Arts – Production Department, 3 Vol .**

  • I have to go early to bed, early to rise, then … So early – about eight. Then you put a fresh shower, with a good breakfast and then I learn … Most of style, each page that you carefully read twice and only after passing all of the substances must once collectively read everything – but the best so the next day. Otherwise, I eat every two to three hours – as I'm hungry, are not concentrating. But chocolate does not throw himself into, when there is a crisis, so I'll have coffee and other two to three lollies and chocolate icing during the day. For them to gather peacefully to trade me for a moment odreagovala aired. Otherwise, at eight in the evening, there usually are not necessary, more than a few hours can not cope.

** Vosáhlová Gabriel, University of Economics in Prague – Faculty of International Relations, International Business, 3 Vol .**

  • The highest reward system helps me, that is, if anything, to effectively manage the time to be determined, with the reward. Further pressure helps me the most – to learn at the last minute.

** Veronica Plevová, Czech Technical University – Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Computer Science, 1 Vol .**

  • Probably the most help me lift or excerpts from the course, students who usually worked in front of me. As well as information from fellow students, what style of test is what the professor often asks and how deep.

** Lucy Drabova, Czech Agricultural University in Prague – Faculty of Economics, majoring in Economics and Management, 2 Vol .**

  • My tip is: firstly, especially not to think about what I do, what I learn will be the second: do not try to understand the subject matter, just take it only as „ox“ to teach odpapouškovat. In ninety percent of it is unfortunately the most effective tactic, unfortunately, I, unlike his classmates never really failed.

** Martin Fencl, Czech Technical University – Faculty of Civil Engineering, Water Management, 5,5. Vol .**

  • Be thinking about how to think, I can not think of anything other than her classic advice: if I was in time pressure, it helps to have a precise timetable, what is the exact day and hour of need to master in what sequence to follow. Simply set aside a half hour, precious and reasonable to allocate all …

** Lucy Ruzickova, Charles University – Faculty of Humanities, Study of Liberal Arts and Humanities, 1 Vol .**

  • Because I'm a bit litterbug and often very nervous about the date and time schedule, it does so, it will simply select only that portion or those questions in the time pressure of at least manage to learn something and then I hope we draw them or that the test will give from what little something together. In short, luck and matt Rancho.

** Daniel Sramkova, University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem – Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Photography, 1 Vol .**

  • I learn most effectively by reading a script for television is turned on, preferably in the evening and at night when the TV do not give anything distracting me. But when you really catch up, so just read what is underlined in bold, italic, or most importantly, just look at … It can even indicate which color, and when at least a little time, go through it again.

** Peter Páclová, Czech Agricultural University in Prague – Faculty of Economics, majoring in Economics and Management, 4 Vol .**

  • I must just have a text ready and podtrhaný highlighter. I have the materials together nicely, no unnecessary scrolling through books and searching. When I am about ready, so I am able to learn quickly and at the last minute.

** Adamčíková thesis, Charles University in Prague – Faculty of Education, Special Education, 5 Vol .**

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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