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Studies at the University of the Third Age I opened a new world Added:2.5. 2011
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Studies at the University of the Third Age I opened a new world

Vaclav Martinek (82) in his age is so much activity that would have many of today's college students might envy. Regularly go swimming, is Vice President of the Pensioners Club CKD – ​​Electrical, translates from Serbian and Croatian, actively devoted to music and hiking. And it all still went to school four years, namely the University of the Third Age (U3A) School of Economics. What led him to study and how to remember them, please read the following interview.

** How did you come to start studying the U3A? **

I'm 21 years in retirement. In retirement, I found a job as a cashier and guide tourists to the Old Town Hall. After I finished there, I started to say what time. And I thought that I could learn the computer. So I went to the University of Economics. I do not know how I figured it out, I think I read somewhere about it. So I went straight there and straight, I enrolled.

** Why College Economics? After all, Prague is the possibility to study where the University of the Third Age, more .**

Yes, others are to be at Charles University, the Agricultural University for medical school … but I first heard about this school at the University. I think I did well, because after that as I have talked with many people who went to other faculties, so that the School of Economics it is best to elaborate. I have a feeling that there is a lot of those retirees care.

** How well conceived and organized the study? **

One is entitled to only three years because, in particular those computer courses are always fully occupied in the classroom can be just 20 people. So three years and enough to make it a place for others. But otherwise they are items which may be more people, it must be art history. Overall I had spent about four years, because some objects such as art history, you can enter as many times as you want.

** What is the initiation and completion of studies? **

So they take care of it, pay close attention to everything. It starts with the common start. This just tells what the object, then log on. Now it can do everything a PC, so it's no problem. And at the end of each year, held a graduation ceremony. It just does, I think, just an economist. Those who were nejpilnější what most studied objects, they get such large degrees. Others will receive certificates A5 – she had passed, because final exams are not. After the formal part is it always such a common part of the orchestra. My graduation, I attended once at CTU, it was against čajíček * (laughs) *. This is a full parade and every year. It's nothing but encouragement, to give confidence to those older people. When you go there for a year, and then somehow end the ceremony.

. <> * *** Graduation at the University of the Third Age *

** At the University there is a relatively wide range of subjects, from information technology, through management to be the subject of movement in prevention and health care. What were you wrote yours? **

I'm enrolled in summer semester 2006 to work with a computer course for beginners. At first I could not even turn on the computer … Then I enrolled in a course for Internet beginners to advanced Internet. I wrote a digital photography course for beginners and edit pictures on your computer – and so different montages.

** And what you most enjoyed? **

About the Digital Photography. It was nicely kept. There is everyone in the classroom to share a computer. On the digital photography, we learned how to shoot in different situations. And then he was an interesting course Edit photos on your computer.

** There is a limit to how many courses you can enroll? **

No. I had always written about two courses per semester. But there were students and students who had written five or six subjects. I admired. The record was, I think, ten. Five subjects but had a lot of people, dozens of those.

** It was on that study something that will not fit, or what might otherwise embrace? **

Well, I think not really. Only that, for us pensioners would be more in the afternoon, and by four hours. In the evening it's too late for us. They now seem to have enough classrooms during the day, so they gave up our courses in the evening. And it seems to us too late in the six to seven hours. If it was before, morning or afternoon, say from four hours, so it was still possible. That I think it's perceived that there is enough people stop going, as it moved to the evening.

** So you said that the study will bring nothing but positives? **

A lot. It opened a new world to me, I always say what I do with it, with a computer. Before, I never needed. But now I know that the Internet can find everything. It's practical, it now without it I can not imagine.

** Would you recommend therefore to study writing at the University of the Third Age all? **

Sure. First one is always busy, always working the brain. And I think that it is done in the manner that it can understand. It has a rapid pace. I opened up a completely new world with the computer. Now when I talk to some friends who do not know, so I am completely different.

  • University of the Third Age University is intended for seniors in retirement and those interested in disability pension. It is possible to study a maximum of three years, except for items whose content changes regularly, you can be entered several times. Studies carried out in 13 weeks, successfully complete the course the students what is involved in at least 7 lectures. Social science disciplines are mostly CZK 300 per semester, CZK 700 languages, information technology disciplines mostly CZK 400 per subject studied. (Information from the website of Economics) *

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