The Special Field: Physical education and sport, with a focus on education Added:27.4. 2011
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The Special Field: Physical education and sport, with a focus on education

  • In a healthy body, healthy spirit. If you agree with this statement may be the study of physical education and sports designed just for you. How demanding are the requirements for admission and what is the course content? Learn about the special fields .*

=== The Field

The aim is to obtain a Bachelor's degree qualified professionals to sports clubs, fitness centers and many other sporting bodies. Related Master's degree program prepares future teachers of physical education in primary and secondary schools. There are mostly two sectoral studies, which means that you must choose a second object of approbation. The combination depends on offering a particular college. Technical University of Liberec, for example, offers Czech language and literature, chemistry, mathematics, physics, geography, English and German. A wide variety of options.

Admissions === === The basis of admission is the successful management of aptitude tests. You will need to demonstrate its performance in several disciplines. The first one is athletics, or run the 1500 meters and 100 meters. Another area of ​​testing is swimming. Optional swim style (breast, freestyle, mark, butterfly) to 100 meters dive jump. Gymnastics discipline is feared. You must meet the prescribed exercises on the trapeze and perform aerobatic gymnastics carpet. Recent testing the ability of the basic game skills. You can choose from volleyball and basketball. The performance of each of these four sports are ranked according to point scales. For example, Charles University in Prague, the applicant failed the aptitude test, if in any discipline did not gain any point. In the case of two sectoral studies, is another condition passed a written examination for the second object of approbation, which you have chosen yourself. The last condition is a medical certificate of the qualifying medical condition.

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Subjects === === In studying physical education with sweat. Expect the number of compulsory courses sports: swimming, athletics, gymnastics, skating, skiing and sports games. Students graduate not only fitness but also sports a theoretical grounding. You will learn about the history, proper technique and rules. The compulsory subjects are also the basis of anatomy, sports biomechanics, physiology, stress and first aid. A significant item is the study of methods of sports training. Other fields can be named pedagogy, didactics, psychology. In addition to physical education will need to meet the requirements for your chosen second subject.

Graduates === === As the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in this field of study graduates receive their academic qualification and professional skills for working in a wide range of sports and sports facilities, sports clubs, fitness centers, travel agencies, cultural, recreational and leisure centers, municipal offices . After completing undergraduate course, you can use as a teaching assistant. Widely used is the follow master courses, which prepare you for career teachers in middle or elementary school.

Where can I study?

‚Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Charles University „: offers Bachelor degree in Physical Education and Sport is focusing on building graduate education in the teaching of high school. You can also studying at Brno "Masaryk University“: Sports, Education offers teaching faculty „, Palacky University in Olomouc“:, „Technical University in Liberec“:, „University Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem ":,"; University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice ": or“ University of Hradec Kralove: http:// / / en-us / faculty-and-Department / Education-Science / basic-info / Pages / default.aspx. "University of West Bohemia in Pilsen: writes Bachelor degree in Physical Education with a focus on education with follow-up master‘s teaching of physical education for secondary schools and Teacher Training in Physical Education for the second stage of basic education.

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