The festival will also Apráles foil, admission is free Added:17.4. 2011
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The festival will also Apráles foil, admission is free

27th April 2011 at 12:00 pm will start the third annual festival of student bands TBU, organized by organized by Union Navy. In addition to teaching and student bands will perform and legends Vizovice foil and band Docuku of Valasske Mezirici.

Visitors can enjoy performances of three student bands – Manewr band is a student of the Faculty of Technology and originally from Nedašova, whose repertoire is dominated by pop-rock hits, as well as Side Effect, Formation of the Faculty of Humanities, originally from the Oder and professing progressive metal formation and three selected bands music ensemble closes Spoken representing the Faculty of Applied Science, originally from Upper LIDC to his fans for several years, is giving its heavy rock hits. After a series of student bands, visitors can enjoy a legendary group of teachers of the Faculty of Applied Science. The highlight of the evening will be legendary group Vizovice FLERET.

21:00 From launch a rock club in their production Golem Zlín swing body Avion Band, Swing, and rock will be ready to counter Vasek Vymětalík.

The event is designed for the general public and access is free. It will be held in all weather conditions (either in the park under the inn Lipou and Thomas Bata Foundation in a rock club or Golem).

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