Banking Institute threatens to withdraw accreditation Added:20.4. 2011
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Banking Institute threatens to withdraw accreditation

The private college ** Banking Institute, and ** (Banking Institute) has been filed. It did so ** ** Accreditation Committee (AC) due to alleged serious deficiencies in the teaching of foreign branches of the school. The whole thing Commission announced the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS), but it did not take action. Similar problems have befallen some of the last branch schools in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Suspected illegal commissions raise Studies in Kiev, and Budapest. It is therefore proposed to withdraw the accreditation of five undergraduate and two master's programs. The accreditation for reasons of lack of research could also lose a special education doctoral and master's degree in adult education private Comenius University.

Banking Institute to defend, not only did not receive any official position by the AK, but does not agree with the above mentioned allegations. The Commission apparently has only a single visit to the school and delivered, reflect or explanatory information. Inasmuch as neither the review agenda studijní Ministry reported that there no problems, feel BICB this procedure is damaged and is considering bringing an action for protection of the reputation.

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