University of Pardubice Adventure invites you to supertýden Added:19.4. 2011
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University of Pardubice Adventure invites you to supertýden

On the 18th ** – 28 April 2011 organized by the University of Pardubice ** ** ** supertýden Adventure, which invites all interested parties to access the world of science and technology. The program prepared by the University in collaboration with three faculties: Faculty of Chemical Technology, Jan Perner Transport Faculty and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Insituto development of European regions, ops.

Science and technology will find its way among other things, certain pupils of primary schools in Pardubice Region (Science and technology in schools, courts). In certain days visitors can also visit the university campus, to experience an evening with science and chemistry, to find out how people living with physical disabilities, or try out various physical and chemical experiments.

For detailed information, a schedule of dates and specific events, see „Web University“:…. Supertýdne university activities are designed primarily to students, teachers of elementary and secondary schools and college students, but they can visit and other interested parties including parents, students and the general public.

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