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Adventure supertýden offers unconventional journey into the world of science and technology Added:21.4. 2011
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Adventure supertýden offers unconventional journey into the world of science and technology

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On 18 to 28 April organized by the University of Pardubice ADVENTURE SUPERTÝDEN. Throughout the week, popularizing a number of events held in many cities of Pardubice, Pardubice themselves and also directly in the university campus. They are aimed at promoting technical and scientific fields in which the candidates will be able to verify that science and technology can be fun.

University of Pardubice and its three technical faculties – Faculty of Chemical Technology, Jan Perner Transport Faculty and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – prepared for students and pupils in particular, elementary and secondary schools, but also their college experience as well as public workshops designed to show the modern world technology and technical and scientific disciplines in a playful way and attract the interest and strengthen the technical and scientific fields, or to motivate young people to further their studies.

Adventure supertýden ** start on Monday 18 April SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION FOR JUSTICE ** at the elementary school, Dr. Malik in Chrudim. Popularization of this action adventure supertýdne will arrive next day at primary and secondary schools to Litomysl (April 19), Barber (April 26), Usti nad Orlici (April 27) and Pardubice (April 28).

** On Wednesday, 20 April ** All candidates will be able to come to experience the world of science and technology directly to the University of Pardubice in the university campus, where ** in the Faculty of Chemical Technology held EVENING WITH SCIENCE AND CHEMISTRY **. Visitors are allowed in the afternoon from 13 to 21 hours to o'clock in the evening to enjoy including games for the chemical, building pyramids of geopolymer, an exhibition, a series of interesting lectures and a tour of a modern university campus.

** Adventure supertýden will conclude on Thursday 28 ** April concise program called „** EXPERIENCE IN YOUR OWN SKIN **“, and again at the University of Pardubice campus **. ** University of Pardubice, in cooperation with the Czech Association abilympijskou os, TyfloCentrum Pardubice, ops, and representatives of people with hearing problems, has prepared another day full of adventures, which is (between 10:00 – 13:00 hours), visitors can try out „on its own skin ", what it means to be blind, deaf or in wheelchairs and“ ** How to live on campus for persons with disabilities ** „. Jan Perner Transport Faculty moreover offer candidates (between 9:00 – 16:00) under the slogan "Buckle up, please ** **“ information on road safety and to try to strong trainer crash barriers and vehicle rollover trainer.

All the adventure and fun activities popularizing university supertýdne are designed primarily to students or teachers of elementary and secondary schools of the Pardubice region, to university, but they can visit and other interested parties including parents, students and the general public.

„Supertýden Adventure“ is one of the events within individual national project „Support for technical and scientific fields“, solved by the project team of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and supported financially by the European Social Fund and the state budget, which is the University of Pardubice, Pardubice regional coordinator for County.

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