Compete and win on the rag volňásky Added:25.4. 2011
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Compete and win on the rag volňásky

Compete on 10 volňásků Rag in 2011 in Brno and Prague.

Competition == 10 volňásků on Rag 2011 ==

Competition Organizer ===: ===

Theme Competition ===: === Competition in 10 volňásků Rag 2011

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Text competition:

To the freebie rag? Answer the simple question on our Facebook, and the ticket is yours!

Schedule of the competition:

Date of publication: 23 4th 2011 End: 1 5th 2011 Date of evaluation: 1 5th 2011 Date of publication: 1 results 5th 2011

Task Competition ===: === Become facebook friends server, answer a simple question, and the ticket to the May Festival 2011 is yours!

Publication of contest results:

On facebook and on this page

Prize winners:

Ticket Rag 2011 in Brno (April 29, 2011) and Prague (May 6, 2011).


Winners will receive tickets by mail.

** Join the competition and win! **

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