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What is said about graduation: magic and superstition Added:6.5. 2011
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What is said about graduation: magic and superstition

Every major event attracted almost magically rumors, rumors and gossip of all kinds. Instructions on how to ensure success without work and with simple operations, attracting people for ages. And school-leavers in particular. Read, therefore, what you are guaranteed (not) help!

Happy t-shirts, shirts unfortunate

Many of us have in the wardrobe a bit, which feels that his / her good luck. It may be in terms of fashion skirts obsolete shirts worn considerably, but it draws us to them a strong emotional relationship **. ** We have some pieces of clothing cling so, give up T-shirts, which we were successful to date, donated or bracelet that has always accompanied us on the winning sporting events. It pays to dress well is a high school graduation, a big event? (Assuming that the decay a bit longer.) Generally speaking, that this can not go wrong. Relying only on the „lucky shirt“ would of course be mischievously. But if you feel that you are the psychological support ** ** is no reason to deny such relief. Hold up, but the basic rules of dressing for social events: your clothing should be primarily becoming, convenient, and preferably not too challenging. The appropriate color then you can deal with „our cell“:…ologie-barev.

He likes it and it's this …

Dějepisář means a medieval češtinářka always brings talk of rebirth and matikář crush the factorial. In other words, because others before us have done some experience and succeed, we will do it with a stick and we will do well too. If only it were that magically easy, right? All who stand before the graduation exam, you would like any questions ** ** insure they get the wristbands and walked almost surely and without fear. Learning a few questions and rely on luck, that's not the case. It is not necessary to throw your head all the messages to you from a „reliable sources“ are given. On the other hand, is always useful to know the favorite themes ** ** teachers and questions often asked. Do you know what the trick is to prepare. Over time you visit your institute, but as you probably know already. And one more advice: do not be too nervous character of the President leaving the Commission (from a different school than yours) and determine its approbation panic and reputation. This person is usually the test itself does not interfere too much because she is aware of the nerves that you output your face.

Graduation – talismans with you!

Talismans === === lines and other Old, uncertified, but still emerging, these are the tips and tricks, almost bordering on magic. What are we talking about? Consider the need to sleep with a textbook under your pillow – that's maybe nobody bothered to take seriously. Why still we believe will help us ** ** favorite mascot? This is similar to the case as these „lucky socks“. Talisman is usually the subject, which we associate with feelings of prior success or joy. When exposed to other stressful situation, such as love to fix things and put their hopes in it. It may seem childish or naïve, but in principle nothing wrong with it is not. If you is your cuddly turtle can actually deliver a greater sense of certainty, it is ** really ** a positive impact on your performance. So finally, even superstitions regarding graduation applies: Use common sense and everything in moderation!

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