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Compare offers telecom operators for students Added:18.5. 2011
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Compare offers telecom operators for students

Among the major budget items for each student is definitely the phone bill. Most major mobile operators in the Czech Republic offers a special fare for students or young people. Making sense of them is not simple. Let's have a closer look at the options.

In the Czech Republic there are four mobile operators: O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and less well-known U: fon, which began to operate its services in 2007. Such is their offer:

Telefonica O2 ** **

Former student O2 Pohoda Simple, which was needed to show a certificate of studies are now at all. „Telefonica O2 ': now offers fare for all young people under 26 years old, regardless of whether they study or not. This rate is called the "O2 [: stake]“ and its main advantage is the unlimited SMS messages on the O2 network. These free esemeskám receive current monthly 60 free minutes for calls to any network for 250 CZK. Beyond these free minutes of calling for 4,60 CZK / min and the price of an SMS to other networks is CZK 1.60. MMS will come in 5,90 CZK. You can save up to 20% if the fare is booked through the e-shop on the O2 website.

Fares can be free two months to try, then you have to commit two years at the O2 contract. If you do not fit, you can choose a tariff with no monthly fee, which, however, pay per minute 6 CZK, CZK 1.90 per SMS and MMS messages cost just come out – CZK 5.90/min. And if ever you call the very same people, you can use the service, please call home, where in addition to its tariff to pay more CZK 59 per week and up to three numbers you can call unlimited.

** ** T-Mobile

Neither T-Mobile:…/residential does not require any confirmation of the young studio – offers a service for all BAV to 27 years (the contract so you can close and just before his 28th birthday and tariff you will pay in a year or two, depending on length of contract). BAV SE has two forms from which to choose: first, the BAV WITH Mych5 that lets you send SMS messages to five friends in any network in the Republic, and we seem to all others for CZK 1, calling the five selected numbers for the 2 90 CZK and the other numbers for CZK 4.90. The advantage is extremely low fee – 99 CZK per month.

The second version of the BAV SE is 228 CZK per month and includes 50 free minutes, 100 free SMS, and if you use all the minutes and SMS messages calling on to T-Mobile network for CZK 4.20 during peak hours (Monday through Friday at 8:00 am –21:00), CZK 2.28 per off-peak hours and 5.40 to other mobile networks in the Czech Republic. SMS costs CZK 1.20 then.

** Vodafone **

„Vodafone: offers students aged 15–26 years the opportunity to create their tariffs in some way to measure. Requires a certificate of study, but it is not necessary to conclude a contract with Vodafone – at the beginning will pay a deposit of 500 CZK, but this is refunded after three full payment of invoices. Vodafone to commit only if you acquire any of the soft phone. Create your fare can, depending on whether you prefer to write SMS messages, call, use the internet, or all together. The student package calls for a monthly fee of CZK 150 have 50 free minutes, cost per minute in addition, CZK 3. The student package get 200 free SMS text messages per month for 100 CZK and the price is 0.50 each additional CZK, at least all of the operator offers. Finally, the package can use the Internet Student mobile internet for 89 CZK per month. The price of calls and messages is the same for all networks. Packages can be combined with any time to cancel and re-activate. If you are pushed for money, you can use the service FlexiStrop that will not allow you to spend anything over the limit, or check your account balance using regular SMS. The services of unlimited calls to selected numbers (service "Friends“) options starting at 175 CZK for one number ends and CZK 285 for four numbers.

** U: fon **

U: fon ': offers no discounted fares for young people or students. It is a relatively young company, which has not had a chance to expand. At the same time it is not entirely traditional mobile operator – attracted by the cheap and fast Internet connection. Regarding mobile services, offering the U: fon two charges: first Unifon with a monthly fee CZK 290, thirty free minutes, calls to other networks at 0,90 CZK landlines and CZK 2.90 per SMS and outside the network for 1 CZK 90, then secondly Unifon DUO, where the monthly fare or CZK 390 for free and receive 20 free minutes, the prices are the same as on the second tariff. The U: fon network, then call and send SMS messages for free. 100 CZK per month you can buy 200 free minutes to landlines in the Republic and in Europe, 50 free minutes to other mobile networks in the Republic and to landlines in Europe, or CZK 200 mobile Internet. „Purchase“ can be and free SMS. The specific feature: Flexible Outside is that services are usually buying along with the Internet.

Source: Telefonica O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile U: fon

Source Picture: Nela Wurmova

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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