Masaryk University's new president Added:28.4. 2011
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Masaryk University's new president

New Rector of Masaryk University (MU) will become Vice Mikulas Bek **. ** It was decided by the Academic Senate of MU today when it chose an absolute majority of votes. Bek is currently vice-rector for strategy and external relations, but also works at the Institute of Musicology, Faculty of Arts, which led in 1999 – 2004. Its new features will take the first September 2011, soon after being appointed President of the Republic. , Replacing the current rector Peter Fiala, who 31st August 2011 ends his second term and by law it could not run for re-election.

„I would like to invite all members of the academic community to the intensive cooperation in the coming months, because I am aware that the university does not expect a light period, either with respect to the projected changes in legislation relating to universities or large upcoming projects,“ he said after his election Mikulas Bek. As its priorities in its policy statement refers to such quality education and respect for freedom of inquiry, he wants to, inter alia, to strengthen academic autonomy and enhance cooperation with universities and other research partners to support efforts for the best results in research and education and many others.

The post of Rector is initially competed for five figures, but the first two rounds, held on the 18th April 2011, never gained the necessary majority of votes. The final, third round of the election progressed Mikulas Bek and current bursar Ladislav Janicek. Bek eventually received 24 votes and five fewer Janicek. Participated in a secret ballot of all 46 members of the Academic Senate of the University.

Source: Press Release MU

Author: Černá, Lucie

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