The first round of applications closed on UWB. What are the statistics on this? Added:29.4. 2011
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The first round of applications closed on UWB. What are the statistics on this?

All faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen has concluded accepting applications in the first round of admission to accredited bachelor or master degree programs. According to an independent student information server UWB Dione year at the university has enrolled approximately 300 students about 13 (it is the number of individuals who are known to all levels of study, not the number of applications). Currently, however, even in some parts of the University to log into the master's and doctoral studies. In addition, many faculty are using the same resources can be expected to call for the second round of applications.

Most applications, despite a slight decline over last year and recorded courses offered by the Faculty of Education, to which the bachelor's or master's long program enrolled about 2,700 people (the biggest attraction is taking English language study with a focus on education, on which the application was lodged around 440 candidates) . The lowest interest is usual in physics, which attracted only 11 candidates. In some fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, French and Russian, were even given the small number of candidates abolished entrance examinations.

The second most popular order is the Faculty of Law, on which the report about 2 430 people, about the same as last year. Faculty of Arts, UWB would like to study about two thousand candidates, which is slightly less than a year ago. Does the field are British and American Studies, where he reports about 350 people. Conversely, higher interest compared to last year recorded a Faculty of Economics, where he was to study full-time registered about 160 entries.

More information on exact numbers of applications submitted for each faculty and select courses, visit „“:…-v-roce-2011.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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