Business Star - a competition for high school graduates on the price of two million dollars! Added:27.4. 2011
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Business Star - a competition for high school graduates on the price of two million dollars!

** Business Star competition is designed maturantům this. Among the fifty most successful participants is distributed college scholarships and cash prizes totaling nearly two million dollars! The winner receives a three-year scholarship to college in the amount of CZK 189,000 cash 50 000 CZK .**

Weeks before graduation student brain literally works in full swing and the head of the chase different ideas. It is quite possible that these intensive considerations předmaturitních bring forth an interesting idea that you definitely do not leave this for yourself! A simple idea can change your life. The Star Business competition will be awarded college scholarships and fifty one-thousand of the financial rewards and for fifty thousand, which is already a good basis for beginning college life or a fantastic holiday!

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** How to compete with Star Business? **

  • 1 Step – Think *

At the beginning of successful businesses is a simple idea – think of what could be the basis for an interesting business. They will not want any complex projects and calculations, just very simple statement, a simple description of the product, service, how they provision, etc., expressed by several words or phrases.

  • 2 Step – Send the mail *

12th 6th 2011 please send a brief description of your idea to This enter 1 round and you will be competing for prizes, which may affect your future and help you to discover in themselves new skills.

  • 3 Step – Come to Brno *

The authors of the most interesting ideas will be invited to the 2nd wheels (24 or 25 6th 2011), where with the help of experts from the practice converted the idea into a simple business plan.

  • 4 Step one – Get a win *

By 30 6th 2011 a special commission will select the winner, the sequence and divide the price of almost two million.

** The prize: ** 1st Place: 3-year scholarship worth 189,000 one-time fee of CZK 50 000 CZK 2nd Location: 2-year scholarship worth 126,000 one-time fee of CZK 30 000 CZK 3rd place: one-year scholarship worth 63,000 one-time fee of CZK 10 000 CZK 4th to 10 place: a semester scholarship worth 31,500 CZK and one-time bonuses from 7000 CZK to 1000 CZK 11th to 50 place: a semester scholarship worth 31,500 CZK, t-shirt contest

The competition will also review the most successful schools, the number of registered students and their location.

Detailed rules and more information about the contest can be found at

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