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Poll: How the oral GCSE? Added:4.5. 2011
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Poll: How the oral GCSE?

Waiting will soon present final year students of secondary schools called the state graduation. But even that is oral, so we asked eight graduates last year for tips on how best to succeed. Almost everyone recommends, systematic training, confidence and a smile on his lips. And not to fear the teachers – most of them are supposedly good and trying to help maturantům.

Questions ====: ====

  1. * Where did you graduated from (a) *
  2. * What did you graduated from (a) *
  3. * When do you think is the ideal start preparing? *
  4. * What would you think seniors should give careful preparation? *
  5. * and what to watch out for the test itself? *
  6. * Is there anything you now do, in retrospect (and) saw otherwise? Or your other hand a process which would you all recommend (a) *

Matthew Varga ==== ====

  1. High School Budějovice, Prague
  2. Czech language, Mathematics, English, German
  3. I would recommend to have developed any issues before leaving "svaťákem. Personally, I matriculated in two foreign languages, I have handled a relatively decent, so I did not pay them almost no time. Mathematics I just one day and repeat the entire Holy Week, I spent learning Czech. If the student has to learn all four subjects, I would definitely recommend to start earlier.
  4. You absolutely should not forget to be consistent, not to miss a question and nedoufat that it does not come out.
  5. Students should try to demonstrate during the test, all you can do. Acting confidently definitely makes better impression than trying to be all the time to look into the ground and mumble something slightly.
  6. Development of leaving questions I spent more time. For articles, where possible, I tried every question mock graduation, ie, I led a few minute monologue on the topic of the question, in part, to simulate the real exam.

Judith Pechackova ==== ==== [* Judy-pechackova.jpg <]

  1. High School FX Salda, Liberec
  2. Czech language, English, French, Mathematics
  3. The ideal is to during the graduation year to develop their own questions, but it makes a few. When you see now someone from the earlier years, who graduated and is perfectly willing to provide you with your questions will save you a lot of work. During the school year, all graduates of its teacher of the questions keep trying. This is the best training and preparation, you can not have. Remember, what is the test asks the same questions because they considered even graduation. If you like straight, with a home preparation and repetition of questions you just start about a month before graduation. Add to teaching full was enough for me until two weeks before graduation, when I was last week against „svaťákem“ has almost never went to school and I'd rather be preparing for the exam.
  4. The best way to prepare is to me that if you try to talk out loud to anyone topic, as in the test.
  5. When the test is very important that you feel good. Enough of it depends on the choice of suitable clothing, so buy something nice and comfortable at the same time. When testing, always smile, be happy, to laugh loudly when you something fun, and especially zažertujte cry (this is not a reason)!
  6. Maybe I should try and be less stressed and enjoy the last moments in high school. My graduation day I have absolutely enjoyed. After the first test I've let all the stress and suddenly I knew that I have nothing to worry about the high school diploma in any case can.

Peter Vondrova ==== ==== [* Petra vondrova.jpg <]

  1. High School Budějovice, Prague
  2. Czech language, Spanish, English, Geography
  3. from about mid-March.
  4. Learn to respect, it somehow manageable schedule, teach unnecessary details, know a bit of everything.
  5. correctly understood the assignment, trying to take it lightly and with grace, to sleep.
  6. I graduated in total published without undue stress, so it probably just what I said above: a few days to limit social contacts in the pub and concentrate. But then again feel free to go out, let it not be exaggerated nervousness, if possible, not with people who think of me maturing, but with someone who is out of the carousel:).

Ondrej Holas ==== ==== [* Andrew-holas.jpg <]

  1. Modřany Classical High School, Prague
  2. Czech language, English, social science, History of Fine Arts
  3. Ideally, continuously during the last year in the summary of tests, etc.
  4. Be able to make an overview and structure of each question, plus a connection between them.
  5. Please would you give to it, knew how to „sell“ and what can not, it is important presentation.
  6. I guess I better learn sesumírovat information into a workable whole, corresponding to the length of the test, some subtémata will be depleted too quickly, some are too devoted to eternity.

Catherine Kuncířová ==== ==== [* Katerina-kuncirova.jpg <]

  1. High School Špitálská, Prague
  2. Czech language, English, French, Mathematics
  3. certain objects (for example, Czech), I kept prepared ever since the beginning of the year due to the requirements of Mrs. Professor. On everything else, I became more and prepare two to three weeks in advance. Was most intense, but of course to "svaťák.
  4. It is certainly important to have a sort of „warp“ the most important, what is necessary to mention and it is good to learn, because not everybody has to be information to the problem mentioned. Good is also giving out what the examiners want to change, because not all prefer the same thing.
  5. The test is especially important to carefully read the assignment and respond to what the man asked. Write as much of what I know. Then you do not need that much and think we can hold your notes. Even the professors are highly sought help and were friendly, so much nervousness was unnecessary.
  6. The procedure, which would probably recommended is to plan your time, what a day, teach a course which I will pay, not to skip from one to another, but to focus only on the scheduled subject.

Paul Head ==== ==== [* Paul-hlavova.jpg <]

  1. Pierre de Coubertin Gymnasium, Camp
  2. Czech language, English, social science, geography
  3. I think that the ideal is January / February. Certainly it pays to overcome laziness and reluctance and go into it in advance – to avoid unpleasant stress that you unable and can not cope. Stress tests of itself is enough:).
  4. Do not leave learning at the last moment and learn to make each issue at least something they could. You will be more confident, and it counts!
  5. The right to prepare a concept for wristbands and smile – it sounds trite, but people are trying and they definitely work better speech than the quiet man smiling and nervous vystresovaného. Do not underestimate, therefore, outside the knowledge and how you operate.
  6. I definitely would have otherwise rozplánovala learning and began to prepare with more time – leaves most of the agents' svaťák "does not add to confidence.

Anna Štěpánková ==== ==== [* Anna-stepankova.jpg <]

  1. High School Budějovice, Prague
  2. Czech language, English, German, Mathematics
  3. A lot depends on what subjects, how much a large amount of information one must embrace it and if it is for now forgotten debugging information or new information. I chose the language that I did not have nothing to „cram“. In German, I have found in January, classes, that I had once a week just to be talked. Because English is enough to watch movies and serials. With mathematics, I started after Christmas, with the Czech language "svaťáku.
  4. They should be careful not to launch the learning is still the first question. The danger is that the last five and never get the Law of saying that you pull one of them.
  5. The student should speak registry and try to talk to himself, without teacher assistance. This avoids the issues of a topic that does not know so well.
  6. I think my approach was perfect, I recommend:).

Camille Mrázová ==== ==== [* Kamila-mrazova.jpg <]

  1. High School Přípotoční, Prague
  2. Czech language, English, Mathematics, Descriptive Geometry
  3. In the 4th year usually starts again from the beginning of the year, so it's good to go to school and give a little more careful. Otherwise, more than enough to start full month before graduation, even though it is very individual.
  4. Surely the fact that it did not underestimate. Definitely not to miss even one issue of graduation. Those who have not make it, at least read or slightly know a couple of sentences. Awful is not paid to bet on luck that it does not come out.
  5. That's probably just that the man was very nervous and jams, and stopped talking. Really important is still something to talk or respond, professors and help correct when you say something wrong.
  6. Some do not leave everything to the last minute. I started quite late and then I was too nervous. On the day of graduation I had a so-called „erasure“. But if something falls out or is stuck, so professors can help. They are good and want to ensure that all graduated. I'm not saying that there is a couple of exceptions, but most try and trust – are many times more nervous than you.

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