Parallel studies, not only for teaching students CTU Added:30.4. 2011
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Parallel studies, not only for teaching students CTU

Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, CTU has declared an emergency round of admission to degree program ** ** Specialization in pedagogy, field of study ** ** Teacher of professional courses for full and part-time students. The deadline for applications is 31 ** May 2011 **.

Field Teaching vocational subjects can be studied as well with regular study undertaken by the faculties and institutes of CTU, or after completion of CTU, and after completion of graduate study at other universities and technical colleges (outside of ICT, UWB and Economics). The study is also designed for doctoral students and lecturers.

Branch offers its students the theoretical knowledge in pedagogy, psychology, didactics of vocational subjects and other disciplines related to the teaching of vocational subjects in secondary vocational schools and colleges.

More information about the study visit MIAS

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