The idea of ​​running! Added:1.5. 2011
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The idea of ​​running!

The fourth annual competition for business plans, Vodafone ** 2011 ** The idea is already in full swing these days, and also held the first information meeting. Their schedule can be found „here“:…-rocnik.html.

Competition every year by the Business Development Institute (the Institute for Development of Entrepreneurship – IDE), internal department of the Faculty of Business, University of Economics in Prague. Its mission is mainly to disseminate and develop entrepreneurial thinking and actions of young people while helping them make the first steps in their own business. Through the competition, however, the organizers also try to popularize entrepreneurial activities among university students and public assistance, or give publicity to successful projects. For example, in 2010 the idea became a portal UkažJakBydlíš.cz.

Competition Rules === === The competition is open to individuals (self-employed, individuals and legal persons), and the entire team, with any business plan, ideas for expansion of the company or project to investors. The condition is that it has not yet been implemented or are in the starting stage (for example, companies within two years of its existence). The competition is designed primarily to help people bring their entrepreneurial ideas into practice, so you can get through the competition to 5 million as initial investment. The basic criteria for evaluating the feasibility of the project (35%), the potential for further growth (15%), originality of the project (20%), quality of workmanship (30%) and business person (to take place in the final round).

Category 4 Idea Contest 2011 are as follows:

1st Idea 2011 2nd Economist Student Entrepreneur 3rd Potential

Competition Schedule === ===

  • 16 3rd 2011 Announcement of a competition policy and launch a media campaign
  • 10th ** 5th 2011 ** Deadline for project applications
  • 19 5th Publication 2011 TOP 12 finalists and semifinalists TOP 30
  • 24 5th 2011 Presentation of final projects (3 min.) Ranking
  • 25 5th 2011 The awards ceremony

More information about the competition visit

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